News Two Big Matches Announced for NYC Tapings Next Week

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    Three-way non-title, I guess. Should be good. Wolves gotta win this.

    Plus, Tajiri, who currently works for WRESTLE-1, will also be in action for all three nights of TNA in NYC.
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  2. Another in a long line of matches this past month that won't disappoint.
  3. Updated with a new match

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  4. What a shame we won't get to see them on TV
  5. The hell you say, bro? Both matches to air in September on Spike TV, as usual.
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  6. Isn't the Samoa vs. Low Ki bout a triple threat with Sanada for the X-Division title? or am I getting dates mixed up? :hmm:

    EDIT: corrected a damn typo. Sneaky buggers.
  7. I'll root for Joe to win.
  8. Is Low-Ki cashing in his X-Division title shot from the ONO PPV?
  9. If TNA doesn't get a TV deal they'll run them online. They've done it before.
    He doesn't have an X-Division title opportunity.
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  10. Low-Ki has a disturbing look on his face.
  11. He won a tournament which entitles him to a shot just like Gunner won an ONO tournament so he gets a WHC title shot in the future.
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    Senshi vs Joe has me interested like grinning manically to myself,those guys gonna steal the show.
  13. It was a tournament first round and next week he's facing Samoa Joe and Sanada to find the #1 contender.
  14. He was talking about the other tournament that took place on One Night Only PPV: Xtravaganza ( ), where Low Ki was victorious and has another title shot guarranted if he doesn't beat Sanada and Joe this Thursday.

    Hope all is clear now.
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