Two Big Matches Rumored For Summerslam

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 8, 2014.

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    Reigns/Hunter was an obvious one (and one that's already been previously reported), but I really don't like them pulling the trigger on Cesaro/Lesnar yet. I especially dislike the notion of Brock jobbing this quickly after 'conquering the Streak.' And yes, I can already hear the defensive arguments - Lesnar has won his last four matches, by Summerslam he will have been undefeated for the past 16 months, he has more credibility more than ever before now that he's ended Taker's streak, etc. But still. In my opinion, they should just pair Lesnar up with another big name opponent (I vote John Cena, perhaps) and have Lesnar go over him in the Summer to keep up his reign of dominance.

    Plus, Cesaro seems like a shoe-in for winning the MITB briefcase, and I have the mental image in my head of Heyman carrying around the briefcase for awhile, which means no break-up just yet given that Money In The Bank and Summerslam are so close together.
  2. Last I heard, they're gonna do Lesnar vs Bryan for the title with Lesnar winning
  3. I don't know, I also don't like Cesaro going over Lesnar just yet for the same reasons you listed, pretty much. He just broke the streak and is already going to job clean? Doesn't sound very good. HHH/Reigns will be great though
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  5. I doubt it. Neither finish (Lesnar winning the title and either losing it at a non-Mania PPV or keeping it up for seven months till WM31, or Lesnar jobbing in his first match after breaking the streak) makes any sense to me. I could see it happening at the end of the year (Survivor Series at the earliest) or at the Rumble, though.
  6. Lol I will stop watching forever if Cesaro beats Lesnar at SS
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  7. Shit, I will NEVER stop watching if that happens. Down with Lesnar!
  8. Lesnar is the GOAT right now.
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  9. :awyeah::pity2: Not to me he's not. Never have liked him since he showed up way back when. Was happy he went to UFC. Wish he'd stayed there.
  10. Not sure on the Lesnar match, Lesnar's coming off the Streak and in my opinion puts him in the title hunt. Bryan vs Brock would be a great feud, Bryan is a massive babyface, Lesnar should be top heel after the Taker win, so I think SS should be Lesnar vs Bryan for the title.

    2ndly Cesaro should stick with Heyman, Heyman's mic work these past weeks has been amazing, better than usual which is great.

    This sets up Lesnar vs Cesaro for the title and going over Lesnar and capturing the title is great for Cesaro, its also puts forth a match I love to see, Cesaro vs Bryan, PPV quality match for the title
  11. Yeah they have had good matches in the past for sure
  12. Would be better than Zayn vs Cesaro, any of them, plus they are both over with the fans
  13. And thats a big task
  14. I'm with you on Cesaro/Lesnar. it just wouldn't feel right at all.
  15. Don't think Triple vs Reigns is the right call here. They keep involving Bryan with the Authority, and if they want to give Bryan a long reign, they need to pay this off. Triple H vs Bryan II is the PERFECT match for Summerslam, I'm sure they can rekindle the fire to set up Reigns vs Hunter.

    Under this scenario, who would Bryan face? Batista sounds nice but he's getting his CM Punk on, maybe they can roll with Orton or preferably Cena again, would be down with that. :emoji_slight_smile: But his options seem limited, with Bray Wyatt being unable to escape this awful Cena feud intact, he's out.

    As for Lesnar vs Cesaro... there's only 3 words to say. OH HELL YES! :pipebomb:
  16. Cesaro v Leanar seems way to early for me. Surely to make the most of the streak defeating momentum Cesaro should go over at WM?
  17. Er.... I don't think I like the Idea of Lesnar And Cesaro.
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  18. Ir Cesaro can pick the Beast Lesnar up over the ropes to suplex him WOW.
  19. Cesaro vs Lesnar will happen, one way or another. Cesaro's eventually gonna split from Heyman and turn face (being sick that Heyman's always talking about Lesnar breaking the streak and stuff) and that's gonna lead to a feud. I, personally, would love to see Cesaro beat Lesnar.

    What I wouldn't like to see is DBry vs Lesnar and Lesnar winning the title at SummerSlam or wherever. I'd be cool with Bryan retaining, though (if that match happened). I'm expecting Bryan's title reign to last till Survivor Series, at least.

    HHH vs Reigns is plausible for SummerSlam, which will put Reigns as a face. It's just a matter of time before The Shield splits (reason: Ambrose). Ambrose is the next top heel in the WWE.
  20. There's no possible way Cesaro goes over in that match, but it's certainly one of those "competitive loss would be as good (if not better) than a win" type of matches. If only WWE wouldn't screw up the followup with those. :downer:
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