News Two former wWE stars deny being the "big signing"

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  2. Awesome. TNA really doesn't need a star the level of Batista that they'll overpush, and don't care about MVP. Perfectly fine with them not being the guy.
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  3. John Morrison followed then unfollowed Dixie.
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  5. I like MVP, but I figured it wasn't him since he's signed by New Japan these days iirc. Batista I never expected, since the guy wants a Rock/Lesnar type deal in WWE apparently no way he'd sign with TNA.

  6. I don't think MVP is under contract, most Gajins aren't I believe.
  7. Well that's a relief. "WWE guy to the core." I like that from Batista but my money's still on Shelton.

  8. Shelton is aight and would do OK in the X Division but I would only really want to see him come to TNA if he is bringing Haas with him to beef up the tag team division.
  9. I agree, but probably doubtful for Haas, I think he's officially retired. If not Shelton, I'd love to see Morrison whether he follows Dixie on Twitter or not.
  10. Shelton is terrible in Japan now a days, one of the worst Gajins out there.
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  11. The only guys worse than John Morrison is Haas and Benjamin.

    Fuckin Kurt Angle pushed for them to be signed, and TNA refused. It's one great choice TNA did in past 11yrs.
  12. Thank fuck it isn't MVP, too.

    He is. Though, he actually led Nakamura to a great match @ last NJPW PPV. Nakamura's selling was shit, but in this one match: Benji was great.
  13. I like MVP but he's not going to TNA, maybe WWE... Who knows.

    (The tweet was this)