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These two losers are back, this time talking about making a moment together at WrestleMania 35 on April 7 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

It’s just so sad:

After years of being on the sidelines, @ZackRyder & @TheCurtHawkins are determined to get their joint #WrestleMania moment in @MetLifeStadium. #WWETrenton

— WWE (@WWE) March 23, 2019
Zack Ryder: “WrestleMania this year in our own backyard. The last time WrestleMania was in New York/New Jersey, I watched the show from Miz’s family’s press box. Where did you watch the show?”

Curt Hawkins: “Sitting next to my mom and dad in catering. I didn’t even put my wrestling gear on that day.”

Ryder: “Yeah, but this year’s different. Hundreds of losses for you, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the wins, right? And I have had my WrestleMania moment. Now, I want to share one with you.”

Hawkins: “Sure. Hawkins & Ryder, we may be winless but I promise you we are never going to be defeated.”
That “sure” from Hawkins after Ryder says he wants a WrestleMania moment with him has to be the most defeated any man has ever been. All the enthusiasm has been beaten out of him. There’s still some fight left in him, because he keeps coming back, but my god, that man is broken.

I’m still greatly enjoying this story, even if it seems clear WWE has no real plan to ever bother paying it off. At least these two are trying.

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