Two injured stars may be in Milwaukee (where EC is being hosted)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by leojay, Feb 19, 2012.

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    The Christian one is probably just a joke, as they wouldn't allow him to ruin such an angle like that. However, the Mysterio one is I guess viable, but as there's no pics I can't really say it's true.

    If one or both of them were at the EC, what do you think they would do? Could one of them possibly win one of the EC's? Who?

    I think that it'd be great for Christian to come in and beat Santino up before the match starts and entering himself into the match (ala edge 09'). I don't have much for Mysterio, though. Maybe just a promo against Del Rio or something?
  2. I predict Christian takes Marella's place.
    Mysterio just makes a guest appearance.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same for Mysterio too. Him talking about Del Rio, Del Rio coming out, WM match, etc. It's inevitable.
  4. Hope to see Christian, don't think Rey will return tonight, I can't think of a scenario.

  5. I was thinking just some promo time if they need a filler, rather than the silly random squash match.
  6. Didn't Rey have promo time at the slammys or something?
  7. He appeared, but all he did was give out an award, that is all.
  8. Fair enough, I don't see Rey going in unless a heel injures Santino (drew maybe, setting up a feud) and Rey is the surprise return, but Rey is on RAW so...

  9. It's a good job the brand split doesn't mean anything really then.
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  10. Liked because it's true.

    Pulling for a Christian return though.
  11. As I said, cutting a promo on Del Rio will do good :3
  12. Meh, this would be feud #3 for them already though. The match will be great though so I'm torn.
  13. Better to have developed feuds for WM than random tag matches, right?

    And the WWE is screwing with us.
  14. It's not developed though really. Each one has been Del Rio taking Rey out for no reason. But hey I'd rather a heated feud than a random tag-team you're right.

  15. We've got between now and WM to make that a good feud, so lets hope they do that instead of a shitty ass random tag team match.

  16. It's going to be very difficult to book a serious feud in a month though.
  17. It definitely can be done, plus they DO have previous history and Del Rio did injure Mysterio did he not?
  18. Yeah but they've both got to come back from injury and re-establish themselves, not to mention the lack of a fuck most people give when ADR comes out. It's possible but is it probable?
  19. Mysterio doesn't need to reestablish himself, and Mysterio will help reestablish Del Rio. To be honest, I think this is a great way to get heat on Del Rio. If him winning the WWE championship twice is probable, how isn't this? >.<

    I see Mysterio cutting a promo at EC saying that Del Rio injured him, saying he'll seek revenge, Del Rio comes out, etc. How isn't that probable?

  20. Because neither Del Rio or Mysterio have mentioned and both have been off TV since then? Shouldn't have Rey sworn revenge at the slammy's or Del Rio bragged about "ending" his career? Just screams we've run out of ideas let redo the same old shit.
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