WrestleMania Two Legends and One Stable COULD Interfere

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. It is being rumored that two legends and one stable could interfere on the street match of one Ambrose and one Brock. While this is just a rumor, it is possible for it to happen.

    TLDR : The Wyatts, Mick Foley, Terry Funk
  2. :harvey:

    Not intrigued.
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  3. I could definitely see this happening. Kind of like the Sting- NWO and HHH-DX run ins last year. I bet another Hardcore legend will show up next week. Maybe Tommy Dreamer with a kendo stick.
  4. Who comes up with this tripe?
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  5. I can't see three legends interfering though when the Wyatts are rumored to as well but I do see another legend appearing on the next Raw to have a "talk" with Ambrose. Probably end up being like Jim Duggan or something lol
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  6. You should have known the source. :ambrose2:
  7. I don't read shit sites for my wrestling news.
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  8. No.
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  9. No interferences, please and thank you.

    Also, @Neptune ... Don't use stuff from Inquistr anymore, buddy. They suck.
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  10. I am only living up to my idiot teenager shite posting. :mad1-61:
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  11. If any wrestler was to interfere, you would think an able bodied one would do trick. Foley can't take another bump unless he wants to be a shell of a shell of his former self. Terry Funk can barely think straight. Wyatts are likely to interfere since they have no match, it seems. Wyatt's interfering would make sense, but if they are the mutual enemy and it becomes an unofficial 3-way brawl between Ambrose, Brock and Bray.

    I personally don't want an interference, but the I have enough hope for the match to be good enough that even an interference won't hinder it.
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  12. I'd only be okay with an interference if it's The Rock wohooping Brock's candyass all over Dallas! Really though. Brock vs Rock pls.
  13. Wyatts are the only probable one here, shit news site. Even shittier WWE. Gotta ruin the only good match on the card with overbooked nonsense. 'You know that feud we teased pre-Rumble? Well it's gonna start at WM!' No, Mania is where you close feuds... CLEANLY.
  14. WrestleMania has never closed a feud. WrestleMania feuds almost always go on for another month or two, unless a wrestler is injured.
  15. Pretty silly and a very nonsensical idea. Even if the Wyatt Family were to interfere, it wouldn't make any sense. They could attack Lesnar at any time, so the appropriate time would be during a match with Dean Ambrose? Because even if they're going to feud they should have an interest in whether or not Lesnar wins a street fight with Ambrose?

    The match isn't a street fight so interference is allowed. It's because Lesnar is so hard to beat down and Ambrose is so hard to keep down so we get to watch how much punishment they can take.

    The legends were just used to hype the match because Lesnar doesn't appear very often. It's very doubtful WWE would risk the caliber of injury either of these would suffer if they got involved in the match. Since a street fight is basically just a hardcore match with a different name, it made sense to use these two too promote it.
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  16. Ya know, I was just thinking about this... and this booking decision reminds me of the very first WWE match of 2015... remember what that was?
    Ziggler vs Barrett for the IC Title. (just comparing it to those two says enough. This sucks! Article over, folks!)

    Anyway it was that match where Ziggler won with a crucifix, then Barrett beat him up, then the Authority came out to announce it was 2/3 falls. Barrett hit a Bullhammer for a quick pin, then Barrett beat on him alot and Ziggler had a firey comeback... and pause.

    Option A: Ziggler comes back, wins under these crazy circumstances, the Authority looks frustrated and Ziggler looks like a million bucks as you build him back into the ME picture. Awesome.
    Option B: Barrett hits a Bullhammer from out of nowhere and wins the IC Title. Barrett looks like an ass who used the Authority's help, but still credible, and Ziggler put up a great fight.
    Option C: Kane runs in and everything falls apart and nobody cares.

    Unlike Austin Aries, WWE picking Option C in this scenario didn't really work out too well, did it? THEN DON'T HAVE DUDES RUN IN HERE EITHER

    I can see them backstage now:
    Vince: "Hey Bray, wanna run interference in this match?"
    Wyatt: "Lemme tell you the tales of days gone by... all the way back to our ancestors back in 2014... who watched PPVs like Extreme Rules and Hell in a Cell..."

    Option A: Ambrose puts up a fight and just isn't strong enough to beat The Beast Incarnate. Lesnar looks like Matanza 2.0, Ambrose loses nothing (unless they keep doing this).
    Option B: Ambrose finds a way to slay the beast. Ambrose looks like a gazillion bucks, and Lesnar loses very little because Ambrose had to go through hell and high water to win
    Option C: Wyatt runs in...
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  17. If this wyatts run in on the dean and Brock match, I'll probably burn my house down. That'll seriously make me beyond pissed.
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