News Two more matches announced for NoC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. WWE announced on Twitter that Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns & Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton has been added to the Night of Champions match card.

    Rollins/Reigns is pretty much a lose-lose in my honest opinion. If Reigns beats Rollins it will take most of the credibility away from the Rollins/Ambrose feud, but if Rollins beats Reigns it'll risk killing off what momentum that Reigns has. The only way I can see it ending that keeps both men on par is if Kane, or Orton interferes, but that card has been wayyyy over played. I guess Triple H could interfere to start the Reigns/HHH, but why book a big match like that for a B-PPV? Save it for Survivor Series at least.
  2. I'd of preferred they switched around Reigns/Jericho/Orton/Rollins' roles and given us Jericho vs Rollins and Reigns vs Orton in a rematch instead. Rollins being the one to put Jericho out (since Y2J has made it known he's leaving after Night Of Champions) like he did with Dean Ambrose would have been a logical exit for Jericho, plus the two could have been allowed to go out there and tear it up with a four or five star match at the PPV. Jericho could have stated that he wants to be world heavyweight champion one last time and so he challenges Seth to put his briefcase on the line at NOC. Even though the briefcase isn't a championship in and of itself, it still grants you a shot at one, and thus it being up for grabs in a match fits well with the concept of the show. Rollins vs Reigns should have been saved for much later imo.
  3. Personally I think they should just do the tag match, Reigns/Jericho vs Rollins/Orton.. I like that a little bit better or even Reigns/Orton and Rollins/Jericho would work out better.
  4. Jericho/Orton, meh, alright. Could be good. Reigns/Rollins will probably just get a non-finish, unless they're idiots. Indeed switching it around would've been better, gotta say.
  5. Orton and Jericho will bore me. However Reigns and Rollins will rock all the way!