Two more names confirmed for tonight's Old School RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Real excited to see Piper and Rikishi.
  2. Kinda hope Rikishi tags with The Uso's! But with Too Cool there as well its not likely unless it becomes 6 man tag action.
  3. Only interested in seeing Flair, Foley and the NAO. Hoping Flair does a segment with Orton and Hunter to discuss Batista and Evolution and shit.
  4. I will be disappointed if Hulkamania is not back tonight, that is if he is going to be at WM30, tonight is the night to come back. Brother. :hogan:
  5. Maybe they're keeping that from the dirt sheets
  6. Maybe he is arriving late in the NWO limo, hope so, with mean Gene waiting outside for his arrival.
  7. The New Age Outlaws vs The Shield PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE
  8. inb4 DDP returns with one of the shitty gimmicks they gave him
  9. Or we could get this again

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  10. Somebody uploaded this.
  11. Godfather is coming to save AJ Lee.
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