Two NFL players heading to FCW

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  1. Hopefully they can work the ring and talk the talk.

  2. So more big guys who can't string together 3 moves? Seems likely IMO.
  3. It worked for Rock, Goldberg, and several others, there's a pretty good track record there (lets forget that Ricky Ortiz ever happened). Wouldn't say "LOL Bodybuilder" quite yet.
  4. What Rain said. Swagger is also a former college football player so Football players can become good wrestlers there is lots of proof for that. What they need is time to develop and not be thrown up to main roster too quickly and tank.
  5. Rock was from a wrestling family so its not the same thing really, like Cena and the bodybuilder thing IMO. Goldberg was a great example of it working despite his limitations, wasn't Titus an NFL guy also?


    He's also a former amateur wrestle so has that base, do any of these guys have that?
  6. That I cannot answer. But yes. Titus is a former Florida Gator.
  7. I'm pretty sure Percy Watson also played football. Well, let's wait and see how these guys develop.
  8. Ron Simmons was also a former football player. And nice to see one of my boys in WWE now. Hope he can make something of it, would be awesome to say that a former New Orleans Saints player is also a world heavyweight champion in WWE, or he may even get noticed by ROH or TNA if WWE doesn't do anything with him and he's a good wrestler.
  9. Not hopeful.
  10. I will forever remain optimistic :notsure: hopefully they will be a good addition
  11. Bob Backlund also played football before wrestling I think.
  12. According to his Wikipedia, he's a All American in Wreslting and Football.

    & WWE have usually done well with certain NFL players in the past, I guess it's just a waiting game to see how they turn out.
  13. Yeah, in 4 or 5 years, if they make it to the main roster that is. :haha:
  14. Exactly, haha. :dawg:
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