News Two NXT call-ups happening soon; Triple H and the Wyatt Family

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  2. Kruger hunting people on Smackdown would be dope. I almost feel that Ohno should debut as a face due to the amount of new heels (all new debuts since 2012 have been heels, Shield, Sandow, Cesaro, Wyatts) so a face sounds about time.
  3. Since Rhodes just turned face, I'd call up Sami Zayn as a face, and Kassius as a heel. Balances out.
  4. I'd keep Zayn on NXT for a while. I wouldn't call him up unless I had a story going for him. And he could use the time to further work on his character. He only just arrived on NXT and they seem to want people to work for a couple of months at least before going main roster.

    Plus ohno is a damn good face when motivated. Y2J like at times.
  5. Neville..
  6. Ohno deserves it. He is a huge star but come on, he had huge waste of time on NXT. Yeah he trained some but he is 35 and WWE should use him immediately. I don't like Kruger but we will se what he will do. By the way imo WWE has lots of brawlers, Powerhouses like Kruger but none of them are at a decent level. That's a problem.

    Am I the only one that likes Triple H's decisions and the wrestlers he supports?
  7. Ohno debuting as a face around Suvivor Series would be best imo. Feuding with someone like Axel,Barrett,or putting him in a Surivor Series tag match would benefit him most. I'm not too sure on who Kruger would feud with so it would be nice to see how the 'E would book him.
  8. Ohno/Axel would be fantastic
  9. No,I've been a big fan of how well he has dealt with NXT since he was given control of it. I feel like he is gonna be awesome as the owner of the WWE when Vince passes the torch to him.
  10. I hope they don't ruin the Wyatt Family like they are doing with The Shield (still a bit pissed about them putting the tag match on the MITB preshow.)
  11. Gotta' admit, it'd be pretty sweet to see Kassius on Raw soon. Agree though that with the abundance of heels lately it'd be great to let him debut as a face.
  12. Of course it would, but we know Ohno would win the IC title :pity:
  13. HHH always making great decisions as far as new talents go (Wyatts). Kruger I think is as good as he's ever going to get, if his current gimmick gets over good for him but otherwise I don't see much for the guy. Ohno, hmm... I guess this would motivate him and make him put on great matches, but I'm really not sure if he'd be a heel or a face (I'd also pick face personally but who knows) and what character he'd portray. Maybe they have that figured out already.
  14. Sweeeet for Ohno and Kruger. I like both of em. Glad HHH actually had a part in the Bray debut, I continue to support his decisions.
  15. :annoyed: how dare you!?!
  16. Dare to be different
  17. Generico should take the NXT belt from dickhead ASAP
  18. I read something a few months ago saying that WWE have something big in store for Ohno, which was why he was taking so long to get called up. The call-up was scheduled for around Summerslam, IIRC, so it'll be interesting to see what happens with him.
    I'm more than happy with Ohno and Kruger being the main priorities in NXT to get called up. After all, they're each in their mid-thirties, so this year is the right time for them.
  19. Paige should be the next call up from NXT WTF is HHH doing
  20. Ohno and Kruger? Sweet. I've been waiting for them to get called up to the main roster for a long time. Also if I were to call people next it would have to be Neville and Paige, a Paige and AJ feud would be cool.
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