Two possible scenarios that caused the fire last night

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 31, 2012.

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  2. Oh yeah, never really see pyrotechnic fails nowadays. I think it was because of the discharge.
  3. Possibility 3: Kane did it
  4. Possibility 4 is was Dolph's to avoid watching RAW!
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  5. what if this happen last week and it burn down arena and they not have 1000 raw? o.o
  6. I was thinking about that, it would suck for sure.
  7. I was hoping it was Ambroses revenge for not debuting.
  8. so which one was it :terry:
  9. :lol1:
  10. Maybe Punk caused the fire because Lawler was talking shit backstage...we may never know o.O
  11. We all know who set the arena on fire.... it was Rikishi he did it for the Rock
  12. Kane was the cause of the fire. he was immitating the thing ryback does when he moves his arms up and down and he forgot about his magical fire powers and accidently caught the set on fire
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  13. Just don't blame Snitsky.

    It's not his fault!

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