News Two Possible Wrestlemania Opponents For Brock

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Whilst this was pretty obvious, I posted it here for a reason. Who would you like to see Brock feud with before this feud (if there is space for another feud), or who would you like to see Brock feud with at Wrestlemania? Is it just me that despises another part time vs part time thing?
  2. I'd definitely prefer to see Cena/Taker and Brock/Rock. Still, I'm up for either, as long as both guys are there EVERY WEEK post Elimination Chamber with no exceptions.
  3. Brock/Rock needs to happen. I'd honestly mark throughout that feud, part timers or not.
    Brock/Taker could be cool as well.
  4. Most assume Undertaker/Cena and Rock/Brock will happen next year, with Undertaker challenging Cena for his one last Wrestlemania encounter defending the streak, and Rock deciding to wrestle one last time but somehow I don't see them running two retirement angles next year, with two huge stars like Rock and Taker. Either Undertaker isn't hanging them up (even if he does fight Cena) or Rock will go out like Austin at 19, not mentioning that his WM match will be his last match (it'd be more of a non-kayfabe thing than something mentioned on-screen.) Or perhaps it leaves open the door for Rock to always return sometime in the future to wrestle again.

    Brock/Rock will happen unless Rock is unable to wrestle. They've foreshadowed it, were originally supposed to start the angle off the night after Wrestlemania, Vince briefly mentioned it in a stock holders meeting and I can see the business side of it, pitting a Hollywood action star against the biggest draw of a combat sport like UFC. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing it.

    If Undertaker doesn't retire next year, then Brock would be the best foe for Taker to run through. I want to see Cena/Taker over anything else, though.
  5. Would rather see him putting a youngster over.
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