Two questions concering you brits

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by LetMeTelYaSumthinMeanGene, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. How many UK/Northern Irish people do we have here? And do you prefer coffee or tea?
  2. Quite a few. More US folk than UK folk, but we have our presence here.

    Myself, Solidus, Xanth, and Seabs are all from the UK.

    Tea > Coffee
  3. Coffee.

    But you cant beat a good cup of tea.
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    Coffee. It's so rare that I drink tea.
  5. I prefer Special Brew.
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  6. Tea. I'm a proper Englishman.
  7. I hate both.

    Leave me to my Hot chocolate regarding hot drinks.

    In general, I just prefer water and J20, also Cola but only with meals.
  8. Yep.

    And it's Tea > Tap Water > Coffee
  9. I like my tea how I like my women. Without a penis.
    Tea > coffee
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  10. There's way too many if you ask me.
    I do love a glass of ice cold sweet tea, but if it weren't for coffee I'd never wake up. I'd say they're equal to me.
  11. Northern lad here.

    I prefer Tea.
  12. Gotta love me a Brew with two sugars. Can't be bothered with this Coffee malarky, it's rancid.
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  13. I'VE BEEN CLONED!!!! :angry: DAMN YOU PRISM!!!
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  14. I like hot tea and cold coffee... But if I had to choose I'd take tea over coffee.
    More of a selection. And tons of health benefits :woo1:

    ...No I don't live in the UK... But I am a Brit! :happy:
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  15. I suppose the big question here is should be what kind of tea we're talking about here.

    Yorkshire Tea Gold is cracking as a standard but some days you want the refreshment of a peppermint. PG tips occasionally sneak into my cupboards. Not keen on that currently though.
  16. All the best things come from Yorkshire (I do!)
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  17. None. Answer is Bucket.
  18. including Yorkshire Puddings!
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