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  1. 1. What's going to happen to Kevin Owens? Is him losing the title part of a rubber band feud? Will he regain it or is he moving on?

    2. What's going to happen to Sheamus? Is he still feuding with Reigns? Has the WWE title become an afterthought now? (not like it means much anyway lol)
  2. 1. Pointless feuds till MITB where he wins it.
    2. He's gonna feud with the returning John Cena I assume.
  3. Really? Cena isn't going to have a rematch with Del Rio?
  4. I really don't need to see another Cena vs Sheamus feud.... uggg
  5. 1. Maybe his feud with Ambrose will continue and they'll book 'em to playing hot potato with the belt back and forth, ala Miz/Ziggler with the title last year or Rock/Mankind with the WWF Title in '99. Or maybe there's merit to those rumors of Owens being Brock's opponent at Wrestlemania next year after all, and they want to get the belt away from him because they see no sense in having him carrying around a midcard title that he obviously isn't gonna defend when it comes to his match with The Beast.

    2. Possibly. But given that the Rumble is in Reigns' home state next year, they may not have the same trepidation as it relates to another Rumble victory of his being shit on by the crowd goes. If he isn't in the title match, expect Sheamus to defend against either a returning John Cena or Brock Lesnar (which I very much doubt unless they plan to book Brock/Reigns II for Wrestlemania, and in case it wasn't already obvious enough, last night's beat-down of Triple H courtesy of Roman Reigns should make it pretty clear what their Wrestlemania plans for Roman are.)
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  6. 1. Lesnar, only reason I can justify him losing the IC strap.
    2. Probably going to be randomly booked until the RR.
  7. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if Kevin Owens is ready to face Brock Lesnar yet. [​IMG]

    How am I going to buy that Kevin Owens can beat a man that is fresh off of defeating The Undertaker in Hell In A Cell? Don't get me wrong I'd love to see this match happen, but how can it add up story wise? Kevin Owens would have to destroy Sheamus, win the WWE WHC and be stopped by Lesnar.
  8. 1. I thought the absence of stipulation for KO/DA at TLC would lead to a long feud that would culminate at Mania with some sort of stipulation involved and Ambrose would finally win the title there... But this way, it could mean he'll be getting a main event push. He's going to be a top heel in the main event scene. HOPEFULLY.

    2. Well, I hope Sheamus drops the title at the Rumble, unless DB's coming back to win the damn thing finally!
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  9. 1. Owens will obviously get his rematch, which he will lose (cuz when does anybody ever win the title rematch?)

    2. Sheamus will feud with Reigns, Lesnar, or Cena.
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  10. I fucking hate the rematch clause, sometimes.
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  11. Same its a huge waste of time. After someones wins a title you know that at the next PPV you'll see the same match with the same result
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  12. I don't necessarily think he is either. It's a rivalry that should happen at some point, but definitely one they should spend a lot more time building up to rather than rushing it in time for WM32. At least when Cena fought Bray and Rusev at the last two Wrestlemania's, both were guys who were undefeated in singles competition and coming off of dominant winning streaks. Owens isn't. He went from beating Cena cleanly and pushing him to the limit twice more to having to play a little dirty just to beat Ryback. He needs to start hurting people again and for a long time before he crosses paths with The Beast Incarnate.

    I know this is the fantasy world of pro wrestling where guys (and gals) can go from looking like a total pussy to looking like the toughest guy in the world (I'm looking at you Bryan, Punk, Orton, etc.) within a matter of months, but still.
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