Two reasons for my inactivity

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Usually I would be here posting more aggressively, but on top of going through midterms I've also been working on two film projects simultaneously. I also tried doing a Raw Recap, but that also fell through and I ended up just saying fuck it since the two shows I was going to recap happened a month ago.

    Anyway here are the two projects I've worked on. They're shorts, but you'd be surprised to how long they take to make. The 1st one is my friends film that I did helped shoot and did the editing for. The second one is all me. I shot it on 16mm bolex, which happened to be a broken camera loaned to me by my college, so the picture isn't great, so I salvaged what I could from the film and edited it.

    Please give me criticisms and be specific. Much Appreciated. Both combined are like 2 1/2 minutes long lol

  2. #1 gets to 12 seconds and just stops for me :hmm:

    Great editing in #2, especially the bit where they jump for the remote.
  3. It doesnt matter if you are active or not . :neymar:
  4. You needed the rock smiley, not neymar :damnn::facepalm1::downer:
  5. Nope check out my awards .Im friednly so I use neymar .
    You need to learn young Jonathan
  6. It actually does. One user once said, if I may quote "HQ & Active Dat Kid = Better Forums"
  7. Shame about the 1st 1, i told my friend not to put an ad :facepalm1:
  8. I, Don't, give, a, fuck. Do work IRL.
  9. It was called Dat Kid From Jersey :pity1:
  10. :mad2:

    I would but I got laid off because my job couldn't afford my salary. :cornette:
  11. Thought yours was Rodrigo Gonzales Pedro Martinez El Salvador de los Riveras
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