Two Returns Soon

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. Two TNA talents recently noted on Twitter that they are ready to make their returns. TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell, who just recently had a baby, noted that she’s ready to return to in-ring action on a full-time basis for the Knockouts division.

    Additionally, TNA X-Division standout Manik noted that he will be back on TNA television soon, likely at one of the Impact Wrestling tapings later this month.


    Taryn is now officially a MILF so yes please, and I always supported Manik/Perkins's work, so hell yeah to both coming back.
  2. Hell yes. Taryn :gusta: and Manik will both be welcomed sights in TNA. Takes a little time away from the segments I feel are getting too much TV time week in and week out (all i do is read spoilers at this point)
  3. just read at the place Gohan always quotes Assmacher is still signed with TNA - she is just getting, get this, her real estate license?

    How are you gonna show a house when everyone is going to be staring at your ass the entire time during the showing. Best for business, one can assume.
  4. Yeah, she's still with TNA thank fuck, but we won't see her wrestle for a quite a bit as she and her boyfriend (yes) Robbie E are on some CBS show the Amazing Race, and will be doing that for awhile.

    That means no Robbie & Ass on TV for a bit, which means Zema & Jesse will now be working as the Bromans bro.
  5. Ion getting to wrestle is cool for me, bro. And yeah I give Robbie E a ton more cred for locking that down.

    I dont watch the amazing race, but i might have to check it out in clip form for now.
  6. Zema is a beast recently, hopefully he gets another X title run after he's done with the Bromanz.
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  7. You sell high priced condos to single men. She's gonna make a fucking fortune.
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  8. Sounds good. I was really enjoying Taryn's work before she left, glad she's back. Hopefully she wins the belt. I enjoy Manik as well, not sure why he was even off.
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  9. Holy shit, I am pumped. After the recent changes to the TNA roster, it looks like we can finally look forward to good wrestlers coming back and strengthening it. Taryn had that epic match with Gail Kim so she should help the Knockouts while Manik is a really solid high-flying wrestler and should have never left TV. I think that Manik's a lock-on to come back at Destination-X, not sure 'bout Taryn.
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  10. I was thinking Bad Influence was coming back :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. The word is out that Taryn Terrell is returning on June 19th Impact taping in Bethlehem, PA

  12. :yes:

    Awesome news.
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  13. Wow, I've never heard of these people. Blockbuster returns.
  14. She's actually a good knockout, just horrible mic skills. Manik is cool, wish he'd ditch the mask and shit though and just be TJ.
  15. With that body and smile, she has no business to talk at all.

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  16. [​IMG]
  17. "I'd eat them both lol"
  18. Manik is good. Him and Tigre can put some decent matches on. Just need to fill out the cruiserweight division or whatever and tap into a WWE flaw.
  19. I'd love to see a division of Sanada, Manik, Tigre Uno, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Evan Bourne, Low Ki and Kenny King.
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