Royal Rumble Two Stars to work the Rumble?

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    So next Saturday there's a car show in Pittsburgh that will go on through the weekend and they will be having special guests attend their show.

    On Friday Sheamus will be attending the car show and then on Saturday Chris Jericho will be attending it. If you didn't know the Royal Rumble is also in Pittsburgh so this gives both Sheamus and Chris Jericho a reason to be in Pittsburgh which would be quite interesting considering the Royal Rumble is in the same City and on the same weekend, it could be a coincidence but I think it could lead to a return.

    I think Sheamus was a lock in for a Rumble return, but I wasn't sure about Jericho because they did it last year so I didn't think they'd do it again this year.

    What do y'all think?

    Source: Attend the World of Wheels Car Show | World of Wheels 2014 Pittsburgh, PA
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  2. I changed the title if that's cool.
  3. I think Sheamus will but I'm not so sure about Jericho. From what I've read he wants to focus 2014 on his music career. I believe in april he is doing rock on the range, which is sort of a big deal. I would love to see him though.
  4. There have been some whispers about Corey Graves being a surprise participant from NXT, followed by a few weeks after him tweeting that he couldn't wait to go back home to Pittsburgh soon which is where RR.. He might just be watching it but I think it would be cool.

    I think Sheamus & RVD are about to return (both I've heard are ready to get back to work at any time). Christian could be a strong possibility too, Jericho I don't see returning at the RR simply because he pulled that last year .
  5. I would lose my lid if Jerchio was to return.
  6. Wouldn't mind either guy coming back in the Rumble. With "The Best In The World" CM Punk as the #1 entrant now, it'll be awesome for "The Best In The World At What I Do" Chris Jericho to enter at #2. What a way that'd be to start off the Rumble this year, especially given their history of competing over the WWE Title at a Wrestlemania just a couple of years prior. But unfortunately, they already did the same stunt last year (Y2J making a return by entering at #2.)
  7. I'm 100% sure Sheamus is returning, so as long as he doesn't win, it's fine. Jericho I could see coming back too, but I'm not so sure because he just did that last year, so.
  8. I'd prefer it if they were more original and creative with returns. If it happens, it happens. Meh.
  9. Sheamus i'm totally expecting, Jericho too, its kinda like the deal he has, works half a year other with with fozzy. What I really wanna see is RVD, it's like he never came back.
  10. Forgot about Sheamus being employed. Ugh.
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  11. Want your opinion on this, enjoy yet another alert:

    What about Corporate Sheamus vs Bryan at WM? It fits the out-of-kayfabe nature of the Authority storyline, gives them a reason to move on from Randy and get him out of the title picture, turns Sheamful (thank fuck), lets Bryan avenge his bullshit loss, have the injury revenge angle from when Bryan injured Sheamus in the Royal Rumble (you can play that off as Sheamus being butthurt), and it would be a really good match....

    Granted there's at least 5 better options for Bryan but that wouldn't be that bad.
  12. I'm probably Sheamus' biggest hater. Every promo he does bores me. Every match he is in bores me. Whenever he turns up in any segment, the segment is almost instantly ruined. I don't want that boring son of a bitch anywhere near Daniel Bryan, because Bryan deserves so much more than him. The story itself is solid, but fuck Sheamus on so many different levels.
  13. Sheamus would be such a step down for Bryan. No thank you. Sometime down the road? Yes. At mania: No.
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