Royal Rumble Two Superstars To Return At The Royal Rumble

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    - Sweet!
  2. Good to see Bo Dallas coming back.

    But, why DDP?

    Not that I'm not a fan of DDP's and not that I don't see how he's helped so many guys put their lives in a better place (Scott Hall and Jake Roberts probably the most prevalent), but he's 58 years old. The only reason for him to make an appearance is if he's being inducted into the HoF this year, which would be a not-altogether-unwelcome honor for him.

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  3. Love me some Bo Dallas!

    As far as DDP goes, there's something that's just come to my mind. It may not be the best idea, but... If they decide to do HHH vs Sting, which they really should, instead of Taker vs Sting... Then, maybe they could do DDP vs Taker as Taker's retirement match.
  4. I'd mark for a little DDP action.


    DDP for 2015 HOF leggo!
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  5. Well, here's a little update...

  6. I really hope to God Ddp vs taker doesn't happen.
  7. Probably won't, but just threw it out there, ya know.
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  8. Hell yeah, I love me some diamond cutter

  9. Just remembered this. LOL
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  10. Aw man whats DDP gonna do? I mean i'm looking for guys who weren't seen in the WWE in a long ass time, DDP has been making some appearances here and there it doesn't seem special. Bo doesn't really get me enthusiatic either.
  11. It isn't certain yet if DDP will be making an appearance. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    I honestly can't wait to see Bo back. If he cuts one of those BOLIEVE promos before entering the ring, I'll be satisfied.

    - There are rumors of them Dudley Boys coming back. I'd mark so hard if it happened. :yay:
  12. THAT BETTER HAPPEN, I'm sadly not watching Sunday night but for the company's sake PLEASE HAPPEN
  13. Yeah, I won't be watching it live, either. But, however, here's to hoping the Dudleys come back!
  14. I've been hearing over the past day or two that DDP is unlikely to be present for the event, we'll see though.
  15. Yeah, I think I posted a link in this thread about it.

    But like you said, we'll see...
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