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Tonight (Oct. 16) All Elite Wrestling is headed to The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. Last week The Inner Circle officially debuted, Private Party moved on in the tag tournament and Darby Allin got himself a world title shot. This week the tag tournament continues and there are two championship matches to get excited for!

Advertised for tonight:

  • Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. Jon Moxley & PAC
  • Jurassic Express vs. Lucha Bros (first round tag team tournament match)
  • SCU vs. Best Friends (first round tag team tournament match)
  • Britt Baker vs. Riho (women’s championship match)
  • Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin (AEW championship match)

Here are or five questions about AEW tonight:

How long before the Omega, Pac, Moxley, Hangman match ends in chaos?

Let’s face it. This match isn’t about who wins. This match is about causing your opponents the most amount of pain possible. (Oh, and it’s also about giving Adam Page something to do so his feelings aren’t hurt.) It’s like a love triangle except instead of bringing flowers to woo your beloved, the wrestlers are bringing shards of glass tables and broomsticks covered in barbed wire. Not to mention the fact that Mox and PAC aren’t exactly buddies. They have a common enemy, but that doesn’t make them friends. I don’t think any of these men (except maybe Page) will be able to control themselves and that this match will likely end in some sort of shenanigans that will hopefully lead to some violent gimmick match down the road.

Which teams will move on to the second round of the tag team tournament?

Tonight the first round of the tag team tournament concludes with two highly anticipated matches.

First the Lucha Bros take on Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus in a match that is sure to be fast paced and full of daring feats. Much like when The Bucks faced Private Party, this match feels like the perfect opportunity for AEW to push a newer tag team by giving the W to Luchasauras and Jungle Boy. They are already a surprisingly popular team, they have a fun gimmick, and frankly, The Lucha Bros don’t need the push. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Private Party versus The Jurassic Express? That’s a party I want to be invited to!

The second match-up features SCU versus The Best Friends. Both tag teams are pretty well established so it’s not necessarily a case of passing the baton like the previous two match ups, but rather it’s about who will make the most interesting choice to face the first round bye, The Dark Order. Additionally, both teams have a wild card third man, so there is some potential for some outside ring shenanigans (Though Orange Cassidy did mention something about not being there tonight...). Orange Cassidy and The Best Friends have already had a couple run ins with The Dark Order and their brand of silly may just be the best way to defeat the Order going forward so I expect them to move on to round two, but you never know, SCU is sneaky.

Will Britt be able to focus on her match with Riho or is her feud with Priestly too much on her mind?

On the first episode of Dynamite, Britt was on commentary clearly bitter about not being in the first ever women’s championship bout. Well, now she has an opportunity to win that championship from Riho, but instead of preparing to face the champ she has been embroiled in a side conflict with Bea Priestly. If she wants to win tonight, she has to be focused 100% on Riho.

Will Allin’s hot streak continue?

Chris Jericho is mad that he got his butt kicked by a kid on a skateboard. In order to punish Allin, Jericho challenged him via the AEW twitter to a Philadelphia street fight. Now, I’m not sure if that is the correct way to punish Allin seeings how he not only excels at violence, he thrives in it. But who am I to question Le Champion? Allin has an impressive win streak in AEW and is clearly a star they want to push. A street fight is a clever way to not only highlight Allin’s particular skill set, but a way for Jericho to heel it up and sneak in his buddies from the Inner Circle for help. Regardless of who wins, expect Allin’s skateboard to continue to shred.*

*(Look, I tried to make it sound like “stock continue to rise”, but it didn’t really work. Keeping it in though. Maybe it will catch on...)

Will The Bucks & Cody be around to police the main event or will it once again end in a brawl with the Inner Circle?

The first two shows have ended in absolute chaos thanks to Inner Circle shenanigans. Thankfully, the Bucks stuck around last week after their loss to Private Party to help control the fight, but their presence seemed to only amp up the madness. Cody and The Bucks have to figure out how to walk the line between executives controlling their unruly champion and wrestlers who want to kick his face in. Or they don’t. Don’t know about you, but I’m having a lot of fun with these overbooked crazy endings and considering it’s the main event is a street fight, expect more chaos tonight. I have a feeling this sort of ending may be a regular thing until we finally get Jericho versus Cody at Full Gear.

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 ET tonight to see if we get any answers to these questions.

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The Sheik

The Architect
Looks like a solid card for tonight.. Britt Baker should be champion, but it's too soon to take the titles off anyone yet..

Just Riho winning the title first is hilarious..

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