Two top SmackDown stars injury updates.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Source: Meltzer
  2. :pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1: Really? Well if he is right, hope they get better.
  3. They're never coming back lol.
  4. So,,, who are the top guys? I wanna know?
  5. I liked those two as well :sad:

    Damn you Meltzer :why:
  6. Henry and Christian.
  7. No... You said "top" guys.
  8. Yeah, Henry and Christian. Both former world heavyweight champions, the flagship title for that brand. Henry brought in incredible ratings for SmackDown. So yeah, top guys.
  9. Christian needs one more solid run! Please
  10. The earlier they come back the better.
  11. I'm with Danny Christian deserves one more run and the sooner they are both back the better!
  12. Can't wait for Henry's return. :boss:
  13. Depends how you judge the term top, if we're taking it literally they have Cena and that's it who's top but in relation to the company these upper midcarders can be place in the top bracket I suppose. Interested to see Kool aid man back just to see how he looks, heard he lost a bit of dat sexual chocolate.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Wishing the both of them the best of health!
  16. Thanks although I didn't mean literally how he looked more how he looked in ring.
  17. Oh. Still a treat to see that sexy hunk of a man.
  18. Hope they're keeping Christian far away from the WHC..:urm:
  19. :why:?
  20. :sad: Why, because he'd job to Sheamus or Show? Or because Ziggler is going to win it? Ziggler vs Christian would be a nice feud :hmm:
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