News Two Wrestlers (Crimson & Sonjay Dutt) Return To TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 14, 2015.

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  2. Yep, more wrestlers in already is good for the midcard - even if they're just for ONO/Xplosion tapings. Sonjay Dutt should totally be full-time X-Division, not sure about Crimson, the Von Erichs (3G) could and should be in the tag team divison for TNA - they looked decent during Slammiversary last year and if they've been improving until now, I'm sure they aren't that bad. Add to that The Great Muta will wrestle at least one match during these tapings and Drew Galloway seems to be apart of the TNA roster so his UK tour appearances weren't a one-time thing.
  3. Crimson had a nice look for a TNA wrestler, I hope he comes back for a little bit.. Sonjay Dutt always provided the possibility of having a quality worked match so having both of these guys back for some time would be welcomed IMO.
  4. lame. I wanted the Crimson NXT rumor to be true
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  5. I watch the NWA affiliate NWA-SAW from Millersville in Tennessee. My parents have a house down there and I caught it once late at night. I enjoy late night wrestling because when I first started watching it, my dad hated it, so we could only watch it at night time. So, about 1 AM, WWF Superstars came on.

    Anyhow, the last time I saw Crimson, it was September of 2013, he came to NWA-SAW and immediately won the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. The commentators talked him up like he was the most dominant wrestler in wrestling history. It's so amusing to me how mid and lower card WWE and TNA talents go to the indies and get treated like royalty. He actually ended up surrendering the belt and hadn't been in NWA-SAW since.
  6. I just had a moment of what Carl Jung would have called synchronicity. I am a few weeks behind on my NWA SAW shows. So I went ahead and started watching one and they advertised Crimson returning to NWA SAW on February 8.
  7. Would've been a pretty nice addition to the roster seeing as they may call up a good bit of their more prominent members up here to the Main stage within this year.
  8. Yeah, Neville and Kalisto will be there much sooner than Zayn/Balor/Owens/Breeze/Itami.

    I'd just hate to see these guys getting ruined there due to poor booking and whatnot.
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