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  1. Isn't he awesome? I've wanted a gimmick like this for ages on the main shows, so I'm looking forward to seeing his development. I know Alkaline enjoys him, does anyone else? Anyone got a background on this guy for me?

    Here's an edit from delbusto which I thought was awesome:

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  2. Well: Outside of the character he is trained by Lance Storm and has been with the WWE for a while (2009 I think). On FCW he was mostly used like a Ziggler since he is a very good seller. So he put people over a lot. He is a former FCW heavyweight champ though. 25 years old I think so he'll likely be around for a while.

    Loving the gimmick. Gimmicks like this make wrestling fun. I'm currently waiting to see if the rumor that his phone is hooked to his titantron so all the selfies he takes shows up on the big screen is true. That would be so dope.
  3. That would be awesome. Very good age as well. He has a great look, and would be an awesome addition to the midcard imo.
  4. Just completely sexy. I think I found my new favorite wrestler.
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  5. Yeah. I don't think he would be a main eventer on the main roster, but a solid mid card act definitely.

    I'd like to see another finisher for him as well. Nothing against the spinning heel kick but it is just a kick really. I'd love for him to do a half crab submission (as a tribute to Storm) since it can be done with only one hand. Then he could take selfies with the other hand at the same time.
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  6. I hate him. I gess that's cool because he's a heel but damn, even if I like his wrestling style. We have got HBK (90's) , Dashing Rhodes, Fandango and Ziggler who have this "cocky" gimmicks. I feel like its just a mix of those gimmicks. He will get stale. Next.

  7. About 95% of heels rely on being "cocky" in their gimmick. One thing you can't criticise this gimmick for is its lack of originality.

    P.S Maddox ftw.
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  8. Know he has a lot of potential as a worker from the Mike Dalton days.

    As for the gimmick, I expected to hate it when he came out. So then the flashy production started, and I thought it was cool... then he got the phone and I got excited for a complete gimmick. Then he started taking selfies, and thought that was stupid... then it kept going, and got really stupid... and then the crowd grew restless... then he kept taking them and it just became hilarious. He shows up again, I'll probably laugh during his entire 10-minute entrance. :dawg: So it really depends on how we are supposed to feel about this.

    Saw someone called him Zigglander and lol'ed even more though
  9. I absolutely fucking loved it. I'm such a mark right now, I can't even. It makes so much sense since I can totally picture five-star, high-class models totally getting edgy and violent. He'll definitely add on well to the roster. His spinning heel kick was awesome.

    The moment when a guy is more fashionable than me :win:
  10. I love his finisher personally. I can imagine that being used in many shock impact moments.
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  11. He's not just a pretty face, he's pretty f'n dangerous!
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  12. The love son of Ziggler and Fandango .
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  13. It's not cocky but this "I'm gorgeous bitch". I seriously don't like it. Found really boring him, taking over 100 pics of himself
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    Hate this guy's gimmick already. Such a gay ass boring gimmick. How could this go anywhere?
  15. You obviously have no sense of fashion.
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  16. :dafuq:
  17. In my opinion its a stupid gimmick what the hell is wrong with that?
  18. Chill out homeslice I was joshing you.

    The gimmick works because it is a character. Well fleshed out. Unlike the standard Cocky heel #554 with no reason for being cocky. The Breeze character makes sense being a showoff and cocky from the word go because of the character background. That's why it will work.
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