Tyler Reks has asked for his release

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 22, 2012.

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  2. Sucks to see him go when they were starting to get more screen time. At least he gets to spend time with his kid though, hope everything goes alright for him.
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  3. Wonder what will happen to Hawkins now...
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  5. Dammit. It was... kind of a nice run, Rekking Crew. Hope you can come back soon.

    I'd definitely keep Hawkins in a tag-team role. How about pairing him with Heath Slater? They're both "tag-team specialists" they look similar, and have similar characters...

    Hate saying it though, Slater's too good in this "cocky jobber" role.
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  10. Just after his sexy new gimmick :((
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  12. Wow I didnt expect Tyler Reks to quit I thought WWE would fire him. I guess he got out before he was fired. But I respect him for his decision its not an easy job being on the road all the time getting beaten up in matches and missing your family. Good luck to him im sure he will get work on the indies
  13. If you read the post you would see that he has decided to quit wrestling all together. He has been running a web service company during his entire WWE career which he will now focus on full time. I ask of you to please read more than just the title of a thread and just the first couple of lines.
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  14. I don't know what's a bigger shock, Reks leaving, or him owning a SEO company...

  15. I think him leaving is a bigger surprise Mr. Great White. Not everybody appears as their character is in wrestling.
  16. It's human nature to judge people, whenever you walk into a room of people you judge every single one of them. I didn't anticipate Reks being in charge of a company that specifies in helping websites rank higher in search engines, lol.
  17. Who the fuck do you think you are? A judge? :gtfo: You don't get paid for this shit. Oh wha? Now you trying to tell me I'm guilty? So mr. Great White Judge am I innocent or guilty or do I get the death penalty? I'm suing your ass! And guess what? Judge Judy is going to be the judge. So judge that! :finger:
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    :haha: Well he is, now everyone knows.
  18. :sad: Well, if it was best for him... I wish he'd stay, but OK. I want to see what they'll do to Hawkins now.
  19. It says alot about Tyler Reks wanting to be a full time dad you dont see many dads these days wanting to stay home with their kids. Props goes to him. But I still think if he were to do the occasional wrestling match on the indies he would easily get the work
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