Tyler Reks Slams John Cena, Spills Other Dirt

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. So apparently it's not just Kenny D who has a problem with John.

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  2. Tyler Reks spills some dirt

    I call Crab mentality. Bring down the big guys and girls.

    I mean, have you seen JTG get hate? :((

    Anyways, whether true or not, the comments and the stories are more sensationalized because of the fact that it involves a top guy.
  3. Tyler Reks spills some dirt

    God sake, why is this posted in SmackDown? -.-
  4. I could see John being like this. lol what a scrub.
  5. Expected this from John. :facepalm:
  6. Because Reks was on the Smackdown roster and this is mainly about Reks since it is his opinion. Thus I put it in the Smackdown section
  7. Is he currently on the SmackDown roster? Which superstar is he calling out?

    I'll answer both.

    Currently: Not with WWE.
    Called out: Cena - RAW

  8. Can someone explain the story with the world's largest baby? Was Big Show putting his boots on on the floor and then Cena came in or what?
  9. I honestly have no idea. Show wasn't champ when Reks was still in the WWE so I don't think it is Show. Could it have been Sheamus?
  10. Don't doubt this. John Cena reeks with douchebaggery.
  11. Cena really is an asshole off camera. All that bullshit of him looking good doing charity work is all a cover up. Hes just a politicing bastard by degradeing better talent and making their lives hell fuck you Cena. All this must be true considering Michael Tarver spoke out about how Cena injured his arm, then Kenny Dykstra spoke out about how Cena treated him, and now Tyler Reks has spoke out about what Cena is really like and him using politics and holding back better talent. I officially hate Cena he so needs to get fired he doesnt deserve to have his job from how he acts
  12. Yeah, recent reports are starting to change my opinion on Cena. :hmm:
  13. Pretty much this. Cena is a giant freaking asshole, the 3-4 guys can't lie. One can, but 4 just can't.:pity1:
  14. So Hogan is a giant douche bag? Plenty of guys have accused him of it? Is HHH a good guy as a few have said also?

    You noticed how the majority of the guys who shoot on all these top guys have something in common, they're not making much money any more or have enough interest in them so they do these "shoots" for a pay day and a cheap bit of interest.

    Is Cena a dick? Very likely IMO but saying these guys can't be saying anything but the truth is stupid.
  15. Plenty of people have said Kelly Kelly is a slut, is that now true?
  16. This is the second or third guy to say Cena is holding Riley back though. If true I swear to God... :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. JOHN! :why:

    Jesus, all these reports on him.. Bawh gawd.. Never expected that of him.

    Too bad he didn't say anything about Punk.
  18. How is all this a bad thing??? All this proves is that Cena is more Hogan-like than we ever thought.

    I used to be against the heel turn, but now its looking more likely we will get a proper re-visit of Hogan V2

    If the 'E' can capture lightning in a bottle, maybe they can accurately re-create what WCW did in '96
  19. Not saying all these guys are lying, but consider the source - why doesn't someone with more credibility come out and say these things about Cena? They could even be someone still with the company who wouldn't get punished much I'm sure, like Orton or Miz or Del Rio or someone like that. Hell, why not CM Punk, since he always speaks his mind anyway.

    The way this guys speaks makes me think it's just complete bullshit.
  20. Hogan and HHH are known for burying people and being dicks, so to speak. Cena is apparently following in their footsteps. That's the whole point IMO.
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