Type of person we could use more of around here

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Red Rain, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. This isn't a thread that advocates change. I'm not asking you to state what you'd like to see changed.
    This thread is asking you what type of person you'd like to see more of around these parts.
    Would you like a master debater? Would you prefer a chick who is like one of the guys?
    Would you like someone is into surfing, boarding, daredevil activities? Indy wrestling maybe?
    Try and be specific. Instead saying 'someone into TV' instead say 'someone into anime'.

    For me, a person into extreme sports who doesn't make it obvious they are butt-hurt by rude remarks.
    Having a chick that is like one of the guys is another one, especially if she has the time to be active a lot.

    The more specific, the better. I have buddies and if I knew who to look for, I could direct them here.
  2. I am mass debating now bro.:troll:
  3. Someone who send's E-Hugs.

    *Arms open*
    I'm still waiting...

    But on a serious note, I think more gamers would be fun on the forum, we do have some but some hardcore gamers would be awesome because I am forever on search for new games to try out when I have the time, and at one point some of the gamers here actually helped me out with that. But it kinda seemed to fade after awhile.

    Which reminds me, Big Boss (I totally forgot your new username.) We need to play GTA again and gang up on people like we did the first time. :troll:
  4. We need more celebrity users.
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  5. More wrestling fans would help,that has to be a priority over gamers and all that jazz. Don't really care about genders or anything just wrestling fans get the WWE section working then build from there
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  6. What seabs said. More wrestling fans, or at least more enthusiastic wrestling fans.
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  7. We need more JoeRulz and unbanning of Jeebak and those dogshit users.
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  8. more proper blokes

    nin fans

    orton fans

    lads you would find down the boozer, not playing cosplay
  9. Guys that are more interested in discussing rather than being a know it all . Down to earth fans, and not people that troll the wrestling sections with "witty" one liners.
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  10. More people like me :boss1:
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  11. A better product to discuss.
  12. Someone who watches a variety of wrestling, and can discuss it without being defensive/too marky. Also, they need to know how to handle the banter.

    In short, someone like Adam.
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  13. ^dat fucking sig, man.
  14. more bitches
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  15. The way they were trying to out do each other the whole time was just hilarious.
  16. fart knockers.
  17. This post sounds bitter. I asked for who you'd like to see, not what you're tired of seeing.
  18. :finger:
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  19. Great reply. One of the best posts I've read all day
  20. I didn't give you the finger, you earned it.
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