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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nero_x3, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. So, there's this fun little website called http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english that gives you a bunch of random words to type out and you're supposed to type them all in a minute to determine your WPM typing speed.


    Just did mine and got that, curious to see what others get.
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  2. Shit, you got me beat by a long ways lol. I still never got the hang of not looking at the keyboard while I type.
  3. What was your result :L
  4. Well I didn't do this test, sorry. I have done them in the past and got maybe in the 50 WPM range. Nothing special.
  5. Lawl, that's a bit sad :L
  6. I know, for a computer programmer too. Like I said, I never could train myself to type without looking at the keys.
  7. You get one minute. You got 112 words correct, and no wrong keystrokes. How did you get 115 words per minute?
  8. Amount of keystrokes/letters in words I'd assume.
  9. This should keep me busy when I have nothing to do.
  10. 102 at my job interview earlier, 103 on that site. Almost same result from typing random words than I did typing paragraphs.
  11. Hooray, now I have something to contest against tomorrow.
  12. I'm hands down the fastest typer here. We had a thread like this before and I got 132 I think. I can do better on a non-clunky keyboard. My Skype buddies can verify my lightning fingers.
  13. 88, I normally average around 70-80.
  14. HA, my result on this test was even worse than I thought. Typing FAIL
  15. 61. My fingers are slowing down in my old age.

  16. >.< never knew my brother typed so fast, he just took this test on his computer and scored a 132.. holy shit.
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