Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan

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  1. [​IMG]
    Circa 2002 during a New Japan tour. Found it on Kidd's twitter and figured it was a fun enough pic to share. :dawg:
  2. Old picture, used a potato to take it. Still interesting though, hard to believe that was more then a decade ago.
  3. They're both very great technical wrestlers, thanks for share.
  4. So young the pair of them,real shame Kidd is injured was expecting some sort of a push before this injury but i doubt they do anything when he recovers.
  5. I think he might get a solid mid card push if he applies himself during rehab and shows that he wants it. And since he is Tyson Kidd we know he will apply himself.
  6. He would make a great IC champ also i hope wwe keep him and Gabriel as a team really want to see them as champs one day.
  7. Yeah. Give them a more clear cut gimmick ( an easy one would be thrill seekers/high flyers in the vein of the Hardy's/Youngbucks) and this is a perfect time for Kidd to work on his promo delivery. He has advanced leaps and bounds since his debut but he could always use the work.
  8. Daniel Bryan should trim that beard. He's such a handsome fellow.
  9. Nice point Danny, hadn't seen DB without the beard for quite a while.

    Beard :gusta:
  10. Kidd looks the same, Bryan on the other hand has aged a lot. Then again the picture looks like it was taken on a non touch screen phone, so...
  11. Kidd's twitter says it is 10+ years old. I don't even think Kidd is of age in it. During one of his first Japan tours when he was like 17.
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