News Tyson Kidd injured in dark match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 4, 2015.

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  1. Bummer. There goes one half of one of my fav acts in the E right now.
  2. So, the injury is legit? I read this like 2 days ago and thought they were just selling it.

    Bummer, indeed.
  3. Maybe Caessaro and the remaining USO could team up?
  4. Nah, I'd prefer it if Cesaro was flying solo.
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  5. lmfao no one shits on Joe. Fuck that fat shit, Kidd really cannot buy a win. Hopefully he's back by SS.
  6. And this is why Vince strips down all the moves, because of reckless fat fucks like Samoa Job.
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  7. Tyson's made of glass.
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  8. This title is pretty shitty Stop. Making it seem like Joe did it on purpose with your wording, or that he somehow caused it. Maybe he was being careless, but let's see the vid? Injuries happen in wrestling, I rarely think of it as "Wrestler A hurt wrestler B" unless it was a careless botch or intentional, which we have no way of knowing if this was either (obviously not the latter) without the video.
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  9. Noted and thread title edited
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  10. Cool. We have enough joe hate w/ Bort around, no need to pile on :booker2:
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  11. Really wasn't my intention when putting the OG title. I'll admit to marking out like a little shithead when Joe turned up on NXT.
  12. yo @Bort what is your problem with Joe anyway? I realize he wasn't very good for a long stretch when he was overweight and apathetic, but if he starts caring again and gets into his prime condition what is the issue? The guys you mark for and the guys you hate on are so random to me, no rhyme or reason or pattern that I can pick up on. I have no idea what you look for in a wrestler lmao

    Genuine curiosity btw, don't jump down my throat like I'm sure you are itching to do
  13. So, here's the vid...
  14. The thing that boggles me with Joe is not the guy himself right now, but expectations by fans. It seems like fans are expecting 2004 Joe to show up now that he's left TNA. And some seem to blankly be ignoring the fact that 11 years has passed since then and that Joe is 36 years old and has been battling Sciatica for like 9 years. Obviously there is going to be some "degrading" in work rate with age.

    Now personally I've seen all of Joe's major post TNA matches and I've enjoyed all of them. He's lost some weight and seems to have some fire. It's not 2004 Joe, but it's not 2011 Joe either for example.
  15. He was legit Top 10 world wide wrestler for almost half a decade but then he bought a second house and stopped caring immediately, he agreed upon every single dumb angle and storyline that the shithead racist Vince Russo threw at him, he got fat and his ringwork became INSANELY repetitive and soulless. His promo work deteriorated to the point of lulz. Can you believe he was once the guy who cut a shoot promo on Scott Hall and WWE rejects on a live pay-per-view?

    He refused WWE because they'd "give him a stereotype gimmick", yet one year later he was wielding a machete with Samoan paint on his face and was kidnapping people. He bashed Styles, Daniels and Kazarian last year during the UK tour for "being primadonnas", but 10 months later he left TNA for the same reason as those 3. He got a big opportunity in NOAH, Misawa picked him as a big badass gaijin to main event an important Budokan show, but he failed miserably.

    I have more, but I'l just leave it out there.
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  16. lol One match in and he's already injured somebody?
  17. Did Tyson injure himself or did joe mess up? Also, this is good for Cesaro. Let him do singles

  18. As far as Cesaro goes, yeah, I agree.
  19. Oh I didn't realize that move actually hurt him. What an idiot
  20. Well that's a dickish way to look at it. "sucks to be Tyson but good for Cesaro".

    Cesaro is a tag team specialist and he's not going to be given the same shine in singles despite being a great worker. That's based off of his entire career, pre and in WWE. He's always been at his most over/gotten the most shine in a tag team.
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