Tyson Kidd Injured - Out For A Year

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 10, 2013.

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  2. Shit , hope he gets well ASAP
  3. That sucks.
    Didn't WWE say to look out for Tyson Kidd in 2013? :downer:
  4. Ouch. That sucks.
    We'll probably never see him on WWE TV as a decent ''superstar''
  5. Well this could either kill Tyson's chances of ever making it in the WWE or weirdly help them, as if he recovers well from the injury he may come back revamped as this break will give him time to concentrate on his character and mic work.
  6. Oh, man... :sad::upset:

    Really sad. Always enjoy watching his matches, was hoping he'd get a push or something... :downer:
  7. Noooooooo omg poor Tyson I really like him and think he has everything to be a future star but WWE seem to not want to push him. And now hes injured this is just horrible
  8. Damn hope this doesnt end him.
  9. It's gone terribly worse for him, just when we thought he'd be getting that push he get's injured.
  10. A fractured knee with the addition of a torn acl? That sounds like one painful injury. Keep us posted on details.
  11. On the subject of Tyson. If WWE really were planning on doing something with Kidd in 2013 (as that article about wrestlers to look out for in 2013 hinted at) who will take his place on that list now?

    Or a similar question. Who will become the spot monkey now that Tyson is injured? Will Justin step up and take it or will someone like Trent Barreta re surge from NXT to do the big spots when needed (granted with some build up)?
  12. NOOOO!!!!!! This makes me sad! Well maybe when he returns he will be repackaged and they will give him what he deserves.
  13. Fucking a.
  14. Sucks for Kidd, but gives him a chance to come back fresh.
  15. lets hope his comeback will be a fresh start, repackaged and witha proper storyline/gimmick
  16. Its the pipebomb curse. Cm punk says his name and he gets hurt? Better watch out Brodus and all the others mentioned in that segment. Lol.

    ~Three Said That~
  17. If something happens to any of them, then Punk has skeleton powers. :shock:
  18. Poor Tyson Kidd...I hope he gets better soon! :sad:
  19. I did get to see Tyson Kidd live in Birmingham in November when they filmed Saturday Morning Slam when he was paired up with Justin Gabriel and he got a amazing reponse from the crowd.
    Its sad really that this has happened and from what ive heard from people on Youtube, he might be released (thats a outside chance) or they might pair Justin Gabriel up with the returning Evan Bourne, now that is a tag team I would like see!!!!!
    Or they might push Justin Gabriel for a US or IC title chance and actually win the belt
    Who knows what the WWE have planned??
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