Tyson Kidd on Smackdown/RAW

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sackfist, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Tyson Kidd is probably the best athlete on NXT, although I wonder why WWE don't put him on RAW or Smackdown, he is a great tag team competitor as well. If you were in control what would you do with Tyson?
  2. I'd have never broke him up with DHS. Not every tag team needs to be any more than a tag team.
  3. Tyson is alright, his in ring ability is 6/10 for me but he has the look. He's got some sick hair. The current SD product is terrible, I think he should be on the show over guys like Khali and Khali's brother, forget his name.
  4. I could never take Kidd seriously because of his hair.
  5. I would have put him in a tag-team with Barreta originally and give them a really unique gimmick.
  6. @[Crayo] that was originally planned due to a promo, but I believe Barreta injured himself postponing this
  7. Damn, hard luck. Pair him with Chris Hero then :emoji_slight_smile:. I'd give him a nice gimmick though, tag-teams need gimmicks!
  8. I agree, but looks like the current tag team feud is Kofi and Truth vs Primo & Epico. What gimmick would you give hero & Kidd?
  9. Badass heels who wear sunshades indoors. Make jokes backstage to almost all superstars, humiliating them. Give them a few catch phrases, but more importantly give them an awesome move set since they're both awesome in the ring - then use their ring talent to get them over.
  10. Team Tyson with Hero? Why when you have this guy ready to go? They've worked together for a good few years now so know each other inside out.
  11. I know - I was assuming they're refusing to use him for some reason, if so, Kidd is the perfect replacement.
  12. I've watched all of Tyson's matches. I even got to met him when he came for raw in Chicago. I'm a big mark for Tyson Kidd if not the BIGGGEST!
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