Tyson Kidd vs Michael McGillicutty

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Leo C, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. So, if you watch NXT or read the spoilers, you must know that for the last month or two Kidd and McGillicutty have been envolved in a feud, which resulted in this three matches:




    So, what are your toughts on the feud? And the matches? Did you like them? What do you think of Kidd and Hennig? Should one of them, or both, be pushed? Should this feud continue on Smackdown? Discuss.
  2. Decent matches, good feud, both improved a lot. They should be moved up but to be honest, what will they do? There is no mid card.
  3. Yeah, you have a point. I think that a reason the matches were good is because they were on NXT, where they can have all the time they need. If it was on SD they wouldn't even have 5 minutes. Besides, as you said, the midcard itself is not good. But I'd like to see them give a shot, just for the hell of it. They can't really go down from where they are, so why not try?
  4. Tyson: Three options here. While we all love D-Bry, we know how WWE works. He'll lose at ER, end his feud with Sheamus, and then have nothing to do and be buried. They teased a Tyson vs Bryan matchup, with the "Shawn vs Bret" tie-in last year, and if they could push that as an actual feud, it would be fantastinc. They could keep his tag-team with Gabriel around after Justin gets healthy, or just send him on up and stick him against Drew.

    Mr Perfect Jr: Send him to Raw to start a feud with R-Truth. Now's the perfect time to do it after he was acting like Sherlock Holmes for a whole episode, send Michael up due to his gripe with being left off of TV for so long while this guy's wasting time being an idiot.
  5. Keep them down for now as nothing for them to rise to! :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. I like the options. A feud between Bryan and Tyson would be good, but IDK if it would be well accepted by the public, some may not know who Kidd is. And Bryan losing wouldn't really be an option if that's the case. Him tagging with Gabriel is great, it'll help a nearly (?) dead tag division. Kidd vs Drew could also work.

    I really like the idea, it has a good starter and they would probably do some good work inside the ring together.
  7. I agree with everything in this thread but as I said why? As nothing will happen if they go to SD or RAW. There is no Tag division so ... I love Gabriel think he could be huge but not gonna happen in WWE.
  8. Kidd vs Gabriel for the X-Division Championship.
    And fantasizing about where guys can go is the only real enjoyment for us smart-marks nowadays...
  9. I suppose the WWE midcard does need work, that's true. It would also be good if they stayed on NXT for the moment and kept working longer matches and getting better while entertaining us. But let's say Tyson Kidd had a sheduled match against a face on SD then Hennig came out and attacked his opponent while saying their problems are not over? Then they brawl and the other week they fight, idk. That would also be nice to see. However, I get the point that in the long run (or when the feud ends) they'd end up nowhere again.
  10. Draine I'm a Gabriel mark he could be massive he is good in ring good on a mic just no time to show ppl. Plus a high flyer which we need so... Man Gabriel should be Cruiserweight Champ if we had it as he's so good.
  11. We need that title back so badly! There are so many good cruiserweights with nothing to do right now... Gabriel could be the next Jeff Hardy, he's already shown more agility, better counters, and a more diverse moveset. I'm not as high on his mic skills but high-flyers get over by themselves. Let a few 450 Splashes off of ladders speak for him. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. This I rate him on a mic due to his lack of time on one what he has done is decent.
  13. Plus you can work on mic skills. That shouldn't hold him back too much. What will, of course, is him being so small. #wwelogic
  14. Hornswaggle!
  15. The cruiserweight division back would be really interesting, Gabriel, Kidd, Cara, Bourne, (when they come back), Hunico, Barreta (if he stays), Tatsu, even heavier guys with a cruiser style like Kofi would have something to do and it would be great to watch. As long as they don't put the title on Hornswoggle.
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