Tyson's new haircut

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zach, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    i can't say im digging it, I liked his old one better
  2. At the wedding he had it slicked back and looked like a mob boss.

    Should've hold on to that imo.
  3. Looks like a gangster right now
  4. Dude... he looked like a boss i wish he had that
  5. I thought that Alfalfa deal was stupid.
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  6. This thread does not concern his tights. Therefore, it is pointless.
  7. His current look is his best look so far I think. His first little hairdo was one of the worst things I've ever seen on someones head.
  8. Better than the gay ass haircut he had before.
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  9. Actually liked the infamous single poof of hair he had at first. This is fine.
  10. you are so gay for Tyson Kidd.
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    I hope with this new haircut, he's finally doing his work at home and laying the pipe to Natalya.

    PS - only kidding. I know his impotence on Total Divas is Total Kayfabe.
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  12. It's fine. His new attire is cool, too.
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  13. Yeah dude. I liked his underdog stuff when they had him work against Tensai. It's a shame that Tensai bombed as a heel, the matches would have been entertaining.
  14. The_hoff is willing to bet that his stupid STUPID old gay haircut is what was keeping him held back. By the end of this year, Tyson will be WHC or at least contending for it. wait. watch. HLH :obama:
  15. Tyson Kidd is lame and Zach is a newfag
  16. Fuck you **** bag
  17. dude
  18. dude bro
  19. the_hoff seconds this :cole:
  20. you are literally the worst gimmick account i've ever seen
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