U.S. Champion Kalisto def. Tyler Breeze

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by WWE News Bot, Mar 8, 2016.

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  1. Pointless match.
  2. Has Breeze done anything worthwhile since been called up? It's a shame as he is talented but NXT had other talents they wanted to use over him and the main roster has the same, it's like there just isn't a spot for him.
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  3. Feel like he'd be better off in ROH. Him vs Castle would be a sight.
  4. Being a jobber/enhancement talent is technically a spot lol.

    I don't say this with glee, since I like Breeze and it's a shame to see him used in that way (especially since the supposed reason is because he wanted to leave Raw early several weeks before, which is a big no-no, and he's being punished for it), just saying.
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