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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, WWEForums proudly presents:
    The 2016 UEFA European Championship discussion thread

    UEFA Euro 2016 official logo
    Le Rendez-Vous

    Dates: June 10 - July 10
    Teams: 24
    Venues: 10 (in 10 host cities)


    Let the good times roll.​

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  2. Has it come home yet?
  3. Hey, @Solidus

    I know you're not big on football, but is there any chance that there'll be bets/predictions for this event?
  4. Yeah I can do that. When does this all start?
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  5. Starts on June 10th, ends on July 10th.
  6. Germany got dis.
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  8. And Sweden has finished preparations, beating Wales 3-0 in the final friendly.Team actually looks well put together. Knew when to push, when to fall back and to keep it compact. I think we could actually get through the group stage. Not to overplay beating Wales in a pre-tournament friendly. But this game showed a lot of what Sweden's future has to offer, and it looked solid and good.

    Time to start the Euro hype
  9. Showtime's on Friday. Get hype!
  10. Didn't see this thread, already posted my predictions at the main Football thread.
  11. As long as we win our group i think England can go far in the competition
  12. As long as we win our group i think England can go far in the competition
  13. Yeah, I think you lot, along with Russia will definitely advance to the knockout phase.
  14. England would have to be absolute shit not to get out of the stages seeing as 3rd place teams can now advance. They should finish top with the players they have vardy and Kane have over 40 leagues goals between them last season. Play them as a pair really not a fan of one up top in general. England have the potential for a last eight or 4 spot but will probably fuck it up.

    Germany are the only team who I call favourites as they world champs and have had good success in general previous tournaments under their current manager. France have some decent playeres and are on home soil and the factor of all the political /terrorist shit will bring them closer together to try and give the nation something to be joyful abut. Other then that I think this is going to be a wide open tournament. really excited for this.
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  15. England for the world series of baseball.
  16. Poland to win the SuperBowl
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  17. Zlatan for US president
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  18. Be cool to do some sort of live discussion type thing for the games but given that there is 3 games a day, various work commitments and time zones in the way makes it a problem.
  19. Big breaking news that has been reported on a few sites about david de gea- Been sent home from spain squad due to rape allegaions
    Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has reportedly been accused of organising a meeting between a prostitute and two footballers at which a woman claims she was sexually abused.

    Spanish newspaper El Diario reports that the allegations emerged in a statement given by a protected witness in a rape case against pornography producer Ignacio Fernandez Allende – also known as Torbe. Torbe has been in jail since last April on charges related to prostitution, human trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual assault, child pornography, extortion and money laundering.

    The documents, which have been published by El Diario, state that De Gea was not one of those present at the meeting.

    The allegations come on the first day of Euro 2016 in France. Spain are due to play their first game against Czech Republic on Monday.

    Spanish police investigating the case claim that the witness’ statement was “highly credible”.

    The Independent understands that De Gea's position in the squad is in doubt and that he faces being sent home from Euro 2016.

    According to AS, the Spanish police’s report on the witness’ statement states the following:

    “Having brought TP3 (Protected Witness 3) to the room with the other girl, Torbe told her that they had to be with the footballers, and that they had to do whatever they wanted and that they [the girls] would earn significant money. When TP3 refused, Torbe took her roughly by the arm, saying they had to do whatever the footballer wanted, having sex with the new girl and her”.

    “Both the new girl and TP3 were sexually assaulted by the footballers, given that if they refused they were physically attacked by both, and moreover, having satisfied the sexual desires of both players, the footballers threatened them in order to ensure that what had happened in the room would never be heard about. Neither TP3 or the other girl who was in the room received anything for the physical and sexual assault they suffered, with Torbe taking all the earnings”.

    Neither De Gea's representatives, Manchester United nor Spain would comment on the reports.De Gea was expected to be Spain’s first-choice goalkeeper at Euro 2016 after serving as deputy to Iker Casillas at the 2014 World Cup, having being named United’s Player of the Season for the third consecutive year last month.

    The former Atletico Madrid stopper joined United in 2011 for a fee in the region of £17.8m, a deal which represented the largest fee a British club has paid for a goalkeeper.

    The Spain squad is scheduled to hold a press conference on Friday evening. It is not thought that De Gea will be in attendance
    David De Gea accused of 'organising party at which woman was sexually assaulted'
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