UFC 146: My casual MMA friends will LOVE this card

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. You guys won't want to miss it. Come May, this shit is going to be nuts

    Heavyweight Championship bout: Junior Dos Santos (c) vs.Alistair Overeem- two of the baddest men on the planet, the #1 vs #2 HWs in the world right now. Overeem is the scariest dude on the planet
    Heavyweight bout:Cain Velasquez vs.Frank Mir- The #3 and #4 HWs in the world fighting for a chance at the next title shot. Both are former champions
    Heavyweight bout: Antonio Silva vs. Roy Nelson- Bigfoot Silva is a giant freak, and Roy Nelson has the best chin in MMA. Not a great fight in it's own rights, but for being 3rd fiddle behind those two amazing fights, it's a great third wheel and should be a fun fight to watch.Silva is borderline top 10, and Roy is top 15.

    Nothing else looks great at this point, but I expect they'll add another good fight and this card will really take shape.

    Honestly though as far as elite HWs on one card, I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like this.
  2. I'm very excited for Diego Brandao. And also about Jason Miller ofcourse, the funniest dude in MMA right now tbh, crazy SOB! Hope he beats CB.
  3. Dana hates Mayhem. He ripped him a new asshole after the Bisbing fight. I've hated Mayhem ever since his beef with Nick Diaz. He's hilarious if he thinks he could beat Diaz
  4. Damn pretty badass card.
  5. Even as a complete casual I find this card immense.
  6. Who do you guys think is better Overeem or Dos Santos.
  7. Overeem. I don't think JDS could have beat a healthy Cain Velasquez tbh.
  8. Wait he beat Cain Velasquez? Oh man I forgot about that fight I never got to see it. Or else I say Overeem too. Dos Santos is okay but Overeem is on a roll right now.
  9. Overeem is unstoppable.
  10. He is a beast but no one is unbeatable in MMA.
  11. Reem is a bad, bad man. It's tough to have long reigns as a HW champ because most guys you are facing are going to be gigantic beasts who can drop you with one punch, but I really think he is going to win the belt from JDS and have an extended run as the champ.
  12. Didn't mean it literally :emoji_slight_smile:. But he is an absolute tank.
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