UFC 150: Edgar vs Henderson II- winner gets fed to Nate Diaz

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. http://www.sherdog.com/events/UFC-150-Henderson-vs-Edgar-2-22013

    I'm not crazy about this card tbh. Pretty meh undercard and a main event that I don't think we should be stuck with. Bendo won pretty easily in the first fight.. And this should be Benson vs Nate.. but oh well.

    I think Edgar will probably pull it out somehow just because he is scrappy as fuck and always wins rematches.. Nate will beat frankie up though
  2. Speaking of Nate, I got Undisputed 3 today and Nate is already the lightweight champion and has beaten everyone in that class :boss1:

    Why is Nick not on the fucking game though? :((
  3. idk I hate UFC video games. They get stale so damn fast. I think I heard that Nick/Overeem are DLC only though
  4. So I have to pay for UFC guys in a UFC game? :dafuq:
  5. This is going to be great!
  6. I was a huge fan of the first fight between these two, even called if a FOTYC, but I'm not hyped about this shit.

    it should be Nate vs Bendo. Nate's best chance would have been against Bendo at 150 in Denver because it would really let Nate's cardio shine
  7. Re: RE: UFC 150: Edgar vs Henderson II- winner gets fed to Nate Diaz

    Could you get any more realistic? Nick Diaz not even showing up is the closest they could get.

    I think they're part of the contenders pack with a few other guys also, can't remember.
  8. anyone watching this tonight? Starts in an and hour 45 minutes

    prelims are on now, but it's a shitty lineup. main card isn't great either until the last two fights
  9. Will watch the ME and shit with you. Tell me what fights you're going to watch from and I'll hop on. Gimme a time (UK TIME)
  10. lol @ UK Time

    my boy Jake Shields fights so I'll check that out for sure. the last two fights are pretty sweet, your boy Cowboy Cerrone vs Melvin Guillard who is a great striker, and of course Edgar/Bendo II. My guess is they'll be near or at those fights 2 1/2 or 3 hours from nwo
  11. Just gimme a fucking time, when is Jakes?
  12. The time is:

    Time on clock now + 3 hours = approximate time I expect the third fight of the main card to get underway.

    BAM. It's a linear equation even your tiny brain can complete
  13. Lmao thanks. Just tell me when to watch and I'll watch basically. Adding you to my buddy list so you can tag me. Yes, you now have responsibility for once in your life, use it wisely.
  14. I'll just PM you since I'm too cool to tag

    and yea, it might have something to do with the fact that I fail at tagging 9 times out of 10, deal with it
  15. lmao okay fine.
  16. I'm excited for Jake's return to 185. He's a stud at middleweight, beat Dan Henderson, but Dana insisted on him moving to 170 when he came over from SF to get fed to GSP : /

    I think he should submit Herms. Oh and most importantly one or both Diaz bros should be in his corner.
  17. So when is Jake's fight? Pretty pumped to see the Diaz'
  18. PPV is just starting. Should be two fights before Shields, so it could be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. You know how UFC events go, it can be quick or drawn out


    First fight should be okay. Justin Lawrence is pretty popular for his kickboxing


    Lawrence is undefeated I guess
  19. I guess Crayo went out to bang his special lady friend and doesn't want to watch K1 Shields
  20. [​IMG]

    Which one?
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