UFC 166

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  1. HeavyweightCain Velasquez (c)vsJunior Dos Santos[a]
    HeavyweightDaniel Cormiervs.Roy Nelson
    LightweightGilbert Melendezvs.Diego Sanchez
    HeavyweightGabriel Gonzagavs.Shawn Jordan
    FlyweightJohn Dodsonvs.Darrell Montague
    Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)
    MiddleweightTim Boetschvs.C.B. Dollaway
    WelterweightNate Marquardtvs.Hector Lombard
    Women's BantamweightSarah Kaufmanvs.Jessica Eye
    LightweightGeorge Sotiropoulosvs.KJ Noons

    Any of ya in for this? Hyped to see DC hopefully over the debut jitters and Cain vs JDS will be fun for the first two at least depending on JDS' conditioning.

    @Dolph'sZiggler drop some knowledge in here, you smmarky devil.

    Tags for people who maybe into it @CRAY0 Johnson @Stopspot @Danielson @gav the chav @whothefuckisinfortwofatguysfighting.
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  2. Cain vs JDS can't be topped. 'Rubber match' but I expect these two will fight at least once more in a pretty unprecedented 4th fight and possibly 5th at some point in the future.

    They are that much better than everyone else, especially with Cormier (Cain's training partner) going to 205 after he massacres Nelson tonight.

    Anything could happen between these two. Hyped as hell. My nigga El Nino vs Sanchez is a fun fight as well. solid card. will be watching , possibly posting.
  3. even the prelims have a lot of guys I wouldn't mind watching. Lombard vs Marquardt sho0uld be fun
  4. never really watched ufc/mma the few fights i've seen bored me to tears more of a boxing fan
  5. It all depends on Hector's cut IMO, apparently he was struggling with it but I see him catching Nate if it went well if not I got Nate via decision.

    Yeah i watched a few of DC's Strikeforce fights and he's crazily good, with his wrestling and kickboxing I could see him troubling Bones and he weighed in about high 220s didn't he? If so the cut is going well. You think he still drops down if JDS wins the title?
  6. Hard to tell because honestly I find it a little bitch made that he is willing to just let Cain be the best HW and he is content to move to LHW. I think if JDS wins the title Cain is still either getting a rematch right away (not likely) or getting another match after 1/2 fights (very likely)

    So yea, everything I've seen it is concrete; win or lose and regardless of the ME outcome he is dropping to 205. After seeing Jones vs Gus, DC definitely has the chops to take it to Jones IMO. Jones would have the reach, but Cormier would be able to dictate a lot in the fight as far as where it takes place, something Jones is used to dictating. When he couldn't take down Gus we saw him get frustrated and he was off his game. If he isn't beating up DC on the feet and can't take him down it could be a problem. DC has amazing footwork and I think he is versatile enough to get inside on JJ due to the theat of his shots, and then he can do damage with his hands.

    And if not, he has great kicks that could make up for the huge reach disadvantage.
  7. Will be interesting if they give DC an instant title shot. He should get it IMO, as 205 is low on top talent anyhow and they gave guys like Chael and Vitor title shots who were coming up from MW
  8. I'd rather he has one fight just to see how the cut affects him, ideally I would have wanted Glover vs DC and a Gus rematch or Gus vs DC and Glover vs Bones. I'll not get butt hurt over an immediate match though, the reach won't be a huge disadvantage to him as he's always working against bigger guys and as you said his headmovement and footwork make getting inside look easy. Obviously Bones has a better handspeed than BF, Barnett, Mir and Monson (the only DC fights I've seen) but his boxing is still worse than DC's although he has the monstrous elbows so could catch him coming in.
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  9. DC kicks like a fucking horse too. He could do some real damage to JJ's chicken legs.
  10. Seriously though @Seabs do you agree that we could see Cain/JDS 2-3 more times AFTER this fight? Usually a trilogy is all you get and I can't think of any guys who fought 4 times in any combat sport besides Sugar Ray and Jake Lamatta who fought like a million times.

    but I find Cain/JDS fascinating. They match up so well, and it feels like anything could happen at any point when they fight. No matter who wins tonight I fully expect the loser to be ready for fight IV within 12-16 months. Who in the division can touch these guys?
  11. I'm down to watch this tonight. If I order the PPV, how many fights will I get?
  12. 5 on PPV

    there is a prelim card on FX or FOx Sports 1 that has 5 more
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  13. Thanks, i'll tune in tonight for sure.
  14. cool. if you and seabs will be here I'll make it a point to be here in the discussion
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  15. Well if you and seabs are here, i'll make a point to be here too :tough:
  16. three way confirmed
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  17. Starts at 10 PM Est? Wowzers lol. I thought it was going to start around 8. Got some time to kill
  18. Hyped for El Nino tonight. Seabs did you watch the Gilbert/Henderson fight?

    Gil should've been champ man. fuck judges
  19. Prelims start before too long

  20. Currently looking for fox1 on directv
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