UFC 167 - The Canadian Blanket vs Damien Sandow Jr.

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  1. I doubt they'll be much interest but still if you want to discuss away.
    When : November 16th
    Where : MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

    Recent fights GSP : Vs Condit Vs Diaz

    Strengths : Possibly the best wrestling in MMA, very rarely takes risks so difficult to catch and has cardio for days aswell as 5 round experience.

    Weakness : Has looked less explosive after his knee injury.

    Recent fights Hendricks : Vs Condit Vs Kammpmann

    Strengths : Another very strong wrestler and huge power in his left hand.

    Weakness : Cardio looked suspect vs Condit and I can't recall seeing him on his back before.

    Prediction : GSP via Unanimous Decision after controlling Johny and wearing him down. 50-45 GSP.


    Recent fights for Evans :
    http://mmaversus.com/2013/07/02/rashad-evans-vs-dan-henderson-ufc-161-full-fight-video] Vs Hendo Vs Lil Nog

    Strengths : Has experience out wrestling very good wrestlers, showed durability by going 5 rounds with Bones (not a lot happened but he managed it I suppose) and very good striking.

    Weakness : Has looked poor in recent fights( is currently 1-2 in his last two fights and a debatable victory over Hendo.)

    Recent fights for Sonnen : vs Shogun Vs Jones

    Strengths : Excellent wrestler who never stops going for the takedown, durable chin, improved sub game and only recent losses are to two of the top fighters in the world (Silva x2 and Jones)

    Weakness : Struggles against people who outwrestle him, not got a great record of finishing fights.

    Prediction : Chael via Unanimous Decision, 29 / 28. I'm expecting a fun grappling match with Chael calling Wand out again post fight. If nothing else watch for his shit talk.

    I don't know a ton about these guys so I'll shoot straight to the prediction, jab fest. Rory repeats his GSP lite performance vs Ellengberger, I hope Robbie can land that big shot but I see that as all he has a slight hope.
  2. I agree with the prediction of GSP winning. He just seems so unstoppable, even after the injury. I really don't see it being via decision though. I expect some excitement to come out of Chael Sonnen vs Rashad Evans. Think it will a grappling match and won't bore me to death.

    Overall, shouldn't be a bad night for UFC. No way it can top 166, though. That was amazing....but, it will certainly be up there. OH and here are my picks for the 3 matches

    Rashad Evans (Was hard to decide, should be close)
    MacDonald (Don't know much about the two)
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  3. By the way, lol'd at the thread title. He does quite look like Damien Sandow.
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