MMA UFC 229: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov who wins?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Paulie G, Aug 19, 2018.

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  1. Biggest UFC fight of the year happening as Conor McGregor returns to face the most dominant lightweight the undefeated 26-0 Khabib. Khabib is the champ can Conor take back his belt or will Khabib be 27-0?

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  2. Finally a thread about this.

    Khabib will win unfortunately. I love Conor but Khabib's wrestling will be too much to handle. I doubt the fight will be standing the entire time.. Conor needs to end it quick. One left hook to knock his ass out.. Conor gets gassed quickly to, if the fight goes past 2 rounds, Conor is fucked.

    Team McGregor all the way though
  3. I'm hoping khabib retains. But it's fighting...anything can happen.
  4. Omg after watching their press conference yesterday I hope khabib takes him down and mauls him for all 25 minutes.

    Dude is annoying as hell.

    It almost like the cards are stacked against khabib though. Mcgregor's new whiskey will be a major sponsor of the event, I'm sure given the chance at least 1 judge will score slightly in his favour.
  5. Conor is going to kill Khabib. Conor owned him at the press conference. All he can do is sit there and look confused..

    Khabib ain't shit, 26-0 defeating scrubs.. Conor is going to show him he's out of his league... 2nd round KO

    Left hook knock him on his ass.
  6. Rooting for McGregor but expecting Khabib to win
  7. Conor owned him at the press conference? Why because he was loud and obnoxious? Because khabib is more of a serious, "I'll do my talking in the cage" type of guy? He didn't look confused. He looked annoyed. Nurmagomedov does not strike me as a trash talking type of fighter at all. Not just because hes Russian lol but because he seems 100x more humble than Conor.
    At the end of the day, I want to see an exciting fight. Maybe they've both been working on their weaknesses a lot and it could either make for a great fight, or a snoozer.

    6 October
  8. He hasn't built his record on only defeating "scrubs".

    Thiago Tavares 21-7
    Raphael dos anjos 28-10 (recently contested for interim weltereight)
    Edson Barbosa (19-6)
    Been slated to fight Ferguson 3 times.

    A lot of people hate on him for winning the belt by beating the 11 rank guy. Sure, hes not technically top 10. But he lasted the distance with khabib. He didn't win a round lol, but that's not indicative of him being a bad fighter. Hes obviously good if hes knocking on the door of top 10. He could have pulled off an upset with 1 punch. Then would people say Iaquinta is good and khabib sucks? But instead its Iaquinta sucks and it's a joke that khabib won the title.

    Too many finicky fans in sports today. Who are never pleased with what they see, despite the fact that 90% of them haven't participated in said sport. I haven't competed in mma (I have boxing) but I'm not sitting here saying this guy sucks or that guy doesn't deserve to be there.

    Just enjoy it and take the best of every situation.
  9. Khabib just because I find Conor way too annoying.
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