UFC on FOX 3: Diaz vs. Miller- Discussion Thread

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    Main Card
    Lightweights: Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller

    Welterweights: Josh Koshcheck vs Johnny Hendricks
    Middleweights: Rousimar Palhares vs Alan Belcher

    Heavyweights: Pat Barry vs Lavar Johnson

    Preliminary Card (Fuel TV)

    Lightweights: Tony Ferguson vs Michael Johnson
    Flyweights: John Dodson vs Tim Elliott
    Welterweights: John Hathaway vs Pascal Krauss
    Flyweights: Louis Gaudinot vs John Lineker
    Lightweights: Danny Castillo vs John Cholish
    Featherweights: Dennis Bermudez vs Pablo Garza
    Bantamweights: Roland Delorme vs Nick Dennis (Facebook)
    Middleweights: Mike Massenzio vs Karlos Vemola (Facebook)

    Outlook: I made a guarantee after the disappointment that was the Jones/Evans main event that this FREE card 2 weeks later would not only deliver, but outshine the UFC 145 pay per view. If nothing else, we have a main event that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt will be a war, and 3 very good matchups accompanying it on the main card.

    Main Event: Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller: There have been a lot of rumors about the winner of this match getting the next shot at the winner of the Championship rematch between Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar (a rematch that IMO should not be happening since Henderson in my eyes clearly earned his decision victory), but I'm not so sure that the winner of this fight won't have to win one more time before getting a shot at the belt, if for no other reason than the timing.

    Styles make fights, and this is a fight between two guys who come to scrap every time. I don't think I need to say much about Diaz. He is a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu under one of the best coaches in the world Cesar Gracie. He is an aggressive striker who has some of the best boxing in the lightweight division if not all of MMA. His footwork is terrific as is his ability to throw combinations, mixing in shots to both the head and the body. Jim Miller is also a black belt in BJJ, and like Nate Diaz he has a second very effective tool to compliment his ground game. While Nate's second tool is his boxing, Miller's second tool is his wrestling. He doesn't have an extensive amateur wrestling background, having only wrestled one year in college at Virginia Tech, but his wrestling has translated well to MMA.

    Nate Diaz has 10 of his 15 career wins by submission, and Miller has 12 of his 21 career wins by submission, but it is my (possibly biased) opinion that Nate's BJJ under Cesar Gracie is a step ahead of Miller's. Not all black belts are created equal, and anyone that knows anything about MMA knows that the Gracie family are the originals of BJJ in MMA. So while Diaz has struggled against strong wrestlers in his career, he is comfortable fighting off of his back and is always a threat to find a triangle choke or armbar if you are in his guard. Miller will in all likelihood be able to take Nate down for the most part when he decides to, but he is doing so at his own risk because fighters don't come any more dangerous than Diaz when it comes to fighting off of their back.

    This is a 5 round fight, and I think it is likely to go the distance considering the well rounded abilities of both fighters. This should be a true MMA fight, with stand up battles, grappling, Miller's wrestling, and the brilliant ground game of both guys. I expect it will be a close decision, probably 3 rounds to 2 one way or the other with most rounds being tough to score. I can't predict anything other than a Diaz victory, and I can't wait for this fight.


    Josh Koshcheck vs Johnny Hendricks: What a co-main event we have for a free card. Honestly I would accept this fight as a co-main event for a PPV card, that's how much I like this matchup. Both of these guys are EXTREMELY decorated collegiate wrestlers. Koshcheck entered the UFC as possibly the most accomplished collegiate wrestler ever. His resume included being a 4 time Division 1 All American, a 42-0 undefeated Junior season in which he won the 174 pound national championship, and a 3 time winner of the PSAC wrestler of the year award.

    While Koshcheck entered the UFC in 2005, Hendricks entered in 2009 and staked his claim to the throne of being the most decorated collegiate wrestler to ever compete in MMA. While attending Oklahoma State (one of the two most prestigious wrestling schools in the country along with Arizona State) Hendricks was also a 4 time All American, a 2 time National Champion at 165 pounds, and a National Runner up in his Senior season, where the championship match was his only loss on the season (he finished 56-1).

    IMO we may have never seen two wrestlers as talented as these guys squaring off in a UFC cage. But these aren't your typical 'lay n pray' or 'I'm going to wrestlefuck you to a boring decision' wrestlers. Both men have more finishes on their records than decision victories, and both guys have the ability to knock the other out. Koshcheck has impressive KO victories over MMA legends Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg, and has won KO of the night twice in his career. Hendricks has incredible punching power, and has 7 of his 12 career wins via KO, and has won KO of the night in two of his last 3 fights, including the ultra impressive 12 second knockout of John Fitch in his last outing (google Hendricks KOs Fitch).

    So whether we see these two going at it in a world class grappling match or trying to knock each others heads off, this will be a great fight. I don't picture either guy out-wrestling the other, so it could very well come down to who is the better striker. While I think Hendricks is the more powerful puncher, I think Kosh is the more seasoned and versatile striker when he wants to be. If he mixes in his underrated kicks, both leg kicks and head kicks, he should be able to stifle Johnny standing. But if he tries to spam uppercuts looking for a quick KO, which he sometimes tends to do, Hendricks may have the advantage. My head says Hendricks, but my heart says Koshcheck. I'll be pulling for Kosh, and anything could happen, but I'll predict that Hendricks drops Kosh with a big shot and finishes him for a TKO victory. Another great fight that I can't wait to see either way though.


    Rousimar Palhares vs Alan Belcher: In the third PPV quality match on this stacked free card we come across a battle of two fan favorites. Belcher is a long time UFC veteran who has been around since he was a 22 year old way back in 2006, and has amassed an 8-4 UFC record while growing and developing in front of our eyes. He enters the fight on a 3 fight winning streak, having finished all 3 opponents. Belcher is known as a finisher, with only 2 of his 17 career wins coming via decision.

    Palhares is on a 3 fight winning streak of his own, and is known to have some of the most brutal submissions in the game, namely his heel hooks, kneebars, and leg locks. Of his 14 career MMA victories, 10 have come by way of submission. While he is known for his scary black belt level BJJ, he is an underrated striker in my eyes.

    Belcher is sort of the opposite of this. He is recognized for his great kickboxing abilities, but has an underrated submission game, being a black belt in BJJ himself. Perhaps the biggest edge in this fight will be the level of competition both guys have fought. Palhares has fought some of the best in the world including Dan Henderson, Jeremy Horn, Nate Marquardt, and Jim Miller's older brother Dan. The biggest test Belcher has faced is Patrick Cote, who was cut from the UFC after a 3 fight losing streak (one of those 3 losses being to Belcher).

    If Belcher can find a way to keep the fight standing, he stands a decent chance to win the fight. If it makes it to the ground, I believe Palhares will outclass him. I don't see Palhares finishing someone as well versed on the ground as Belcher with one of his patented heel hooks however, so I will say Palhares takes a decision victory in this one.


    Pat Barry vs Lavar Johnson: The first match of this free card is the only one of the four that probably isn't PPV worthy, but it will possibly be the most excited brawl of the night. Who doesn't like to see two gigantic men from the HW division slug things out? Lavar Johnson is exactly that; a gigantic man. At 6 foot 4, 252 pounds and possessing an 81 inch reach, he comes into this match with a decisive size advantage. Pat Barry is one of the shortest HWs in the division at only 5 foot 11, and will have to find a way inside of Johnson's reach if he wants to have any chance in this fight. Barry is obviously used to having to overcome large reach disadvantages though, and will embrace the challenge. Barry possesses a 2-2 UFC record, but has displayed scary power in all 4 bouts. He is an experienced kickboxer, holding a professional record of 18-6, so his standup game is no joke.

    Johnson is the much more experienced mixed martial artist however, having 21 career fights to Barry's 11. That experience may be unimportant as this MMA bout is likely to look a lot like a kickboxing match anyhow. Johnson likes to stand and bang just as much as Barry does, with 14 of his 16 career wins coming by KO. A lot of people are viewing Johnson as an underdog entering this fight, but I like his chances to utilize his reach and keep Barry on the outside. Somebody is going to get knocked out, and my guess is it will be Barry. Anything could happen though when two guys with this type of power are swinging for the fences (as we saw in the Rothwell/Schaub fight last Saturday). It's pretty much a crapshoot for who's fist lands flush on who's chin.


    TL;DR. Just trying to give you guys my thoughts on the card so maybe you will be half as hyped for it as I am.

    UFC on Fox 3 >>>> UFC 145
    BOOK IT!


    Sick promo vid

  2. Trying to get into UFC, will I easily get this for free online?
  3. Do you get FOX? It's a free card on TV brother. If not then yea, I can get you a stream no problem.

    Did you watch the promo vid I posted? It is really well done
  4. Watching for Nate. I enjoy both Diaz brothers fights usually. Dont like koscheck for some reason.
  5. All the more reason to watch and root for Hendricks to knock his block off. As I posted in my preview I don't think we've ever seen two wrestlers of this caliber fighting in the UFC. It's going to be great.
  6. Could you send me one please? Don't have Fox.. I'll watch the promo in a bit in my living room just now..
  7. I'll be glad to send you a link, just post and remind me on Saturday so I'll remember. Card starts at 8:00 EST, which I think would be 12:00 or 1:00 across the pond
  8. Nice one, cheers :otunga:
  9. Did you seriously type all that Dolph? :O

    Diaz to win, I like Koscheck for some reason.
  10. I told you I was hyped for this card. Diaz/Miller and Kosh/Hendricks are amazing fights
  11. http://www.sherdog.com/news/articles/Pros-Pick-Diaz-vs-Miller-42261

    Pros pick
  12. [video=youtube]http://youtu.be/wHPa_tqrwMc[/video]

    Main card starts around the 30 minute mark
    Diaz/Miller starts at 37:20

    Koshcheck got some nice heat. Easily one of the better heels in MMA.
  13. http://www.mmafighting.com/2012/5/4/2998733/a-tale-of-two-diaz-brothers

    Good article on Nate


    Tony Montana, are you a fan of the Diaz Brothers?

  14. Nate and Nick walking in together gives me chills. It's so awesome.

    Also, I'm not completely up to scratch with Nick but he's suing UFC or something yeah? Is it me or did his handshake with Dana look awkward lol. Nate looked like a badass on the head to head - really hope he wins. Became a massive Diaz mark now thanks to you -.-.
  15. Nick is suing the NSAC, not the UFC. Dana & Nick do have a pretty awkward relationship though.. stemming from the time Nick was supposed to fight GSP for the belt but had his chance taken away by Dana because he missed a press conference.

    and yea, Nate is a monster on staredowns. Miller looked like a tool lolol


    Did you read that article I posted? It's really well done and a good look at Nate's childhood/how he got into fighting
  16. Literally just finished reading. Man that's an awesome story. Nick, who's portrayed as this "crazy thug", literally saved Nate's life and was effectively the father figure. Wow that's awesome.
  17. Nate didn't even like training jiu jitsu, he was doing it for the burritos. Crazy stuff lol. Now he's a black belt under Cesar Gracie.
  18. Yeah that made me lol at first, but then realised how sad it was really :((
  19. [​IMG]

    Rogan looks like he wants to do gay things with Nate lololol
  20. Diaz looks like a psycho. Miller looks scared.
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