UFC on Fuel TV 3: Korean Zombie vs Poirier

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 15, 2012.

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    I'm not going to make a big thread, but there is a UFC event tonight with some decent fights. Worth watching
  2. Will watch the Cerrone fight probably.
  3. Yea, that's the fight I'm most interested in, but the ME is going to be a war. Both guys are well rounded and exciting to watch. Korean Zombie is a dope boy
  4. First fight ends in a fist round KO. Jason MacDonald probably will retire after that.
  5. Was it good? Got caught up in a film now -.-
  6. First fight was just quick, 2nd fight was FOTN lock with two guys exchanging monster shots and showing amazing chins, 3rd fight has been a guy getting destroyed by kicks to the body.

    Cerrone is up next I believe


    Cowboy is fighting like a wannabe Diaz brother lmao. He learned a little something from his beatdown by Nate
  7. Korean Zombie is a bad motherfucker. Probably a fight of the year candidate right dere



    I'm buying one. Fuckit

  8. Did Cerrone win? If so, did he dominate?
  9. Yea he fucked Stephens up. Stephens was at a huge reach disadvantage and basically just stood on the outside and allowed for himself to be picked apart by Cerrone's long reach and kicks. His eye was almost swollen shut and his face was a mess. It went the distance but it was total domination


    You def gotta check out the Main event though. You will instantly become a Korean Zombie fanboy.. such a great fight
  10. Hopefully when I come on tomorrow I can catch a replay on YouTube or something. Wasn't up for watching a stream tonight, wanted to relax and watch The Expendables like a boss.

    Appreciate you letting me know though. I'm glad Cerrone won, despite Nate fucking him up I like his cowboy gimmick lolol. Looking forward to the ME too.
  11. Yea I like Cowboy as well. I'll find you a link for the KZ fight in the morning, shouldn't be too tough.



    lol, two of my favorites
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  12. watch dis shit http://www.fightvideomma.com/2012/05/dustin-poirier-vs-chan-sung-jung-fight.html
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