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  1. Silva vs Sonnen II was booked for UFC 147 in June in a Soccer stadium in Rio De Janeiro. Also on that card will be Vitor Belfort & Wanderlei Silva, two of the biggest Brazilian MMA legends in history. Atmosphere will be nuts

    Caesar Gracie says he won't let Nick Diaz retire: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Cesar-Gracie-Im-Not-Going-to-Let-Nick-Diaz-Retire-41285

    Jake Ellenberger (#3 WW in world) vs Martin Kampmann (#6 WW in world) will Main event the Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale

    Uncle Creepy Ian McCall vs Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson has been scheduled for UFC on FX 3 June 8th. They fought last month in the innagural UFC Flyweight Tourney, and it ended in controversy. The fight was initially incorrectly scored as a majority decision win for Johnson, but this was due to a miscalculation of a judges scorecard, and it was actually a draw. This sucked because in the case of a draw for the tourneys sake they were supposed to go to a sudden victory 4th round, but we were deprived of that because of their fuck up.

    Michael Bisbing vs Tim Boetsch will be @ UFC 148 in July

    Forgot to mention Tito/Forrest III which is also happening on the july card. I'm not too high on that fight though, Idk anyone who wants that match outside of Forrest & Tito
  2. Silva vs Sonnen is going to be immense. Come on Sonnen.
  3. Sonnen is going to get tooled. He sucks dick
  4. I hope not. He is so god damn entertaining.
  5. Not in the ring lolol. He is a one dimensional wrestler who lays on guys to win. Fuck him.
  6. But he's what UFC needs. Give him a mic! :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Make him tell poopy jokes #UFPG
  8. I can appreciate him using trash talk to sell fights, but I just don't like watching him fight. He is boring.
  9. Sure he's no diaz in the ring, I've not seen too much of him myself to judge completely, but meh, an interesting character outside the ring normally makes entertaining viewing inside.
  10. Maybe if he actually talked trash in the ring like the Diaz's do he would be less dull.
  11. Chonnen > All apart from Diaz.
  12. Are you talking about Nick Diaz? Because I'm really starting to think his ass is retired. I saw an interview with Nate the other day and he said he doesn't think Nick is coming back. Said he's made plenty of money and doesn't need this shit.

    Nate is the man though. As far as your love affair with Sonnen, I'm pretty sure it would go away if you google'd a few of his fights lol. Dude has no stand up and very limited jiu jitsu. All he can do is take guys down and stop them from getting up. Silva is going to fuck him up something good (the first time they fought Silva had a busted rib)
  13. Meh, I'm a promo guy. You know who else is a promo guy? Seabs, and he loves Chonnen, just like I love Chonnen. *End of CM Punk Shoot*

    Sorry, I know I'm a child :emoji_slight_frown:

    And yeah, I'm convinced we'll see Nick again eventually. Nate is a boss too. Diaz brothers > all atm. Well, I'm a fan of Overeem to actually, he's a badass dude.
  14. Meh. Chael is a boring one trick pony, and he isn't even creative in trash talk, he has already run his course in that regard. So he is stale on the mic, terribly boring in the cage, he cheats, and he is a money launderer. Fuck him, you can root for him, I'll be the guy lmao when Anderson sons the shit out of him in Brasil in front of 80k unruly fans
  15. If Silva doesn't win, how stupid would you feel? :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Not stupid at all. I always speak in absolutes just because that's how I roll. Obviously nothing in life is a sure thing, and especially in MMA anything can happen, so Sonnen has a 10% chance of winning.
  17. :steiner:?

    You missed the and a third!
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