UFC: Sean McCorkle Afraid for Joe Warren

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Arrow, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. That fight made me so much more interested in UFC.
  2. It was a Bellator fight, not a UFC fight. That is scary to hear about though.
  3. Concussions are serious business. I'm with Dolph that isn't something you ever want to hear.
  4. [​IMG]

    If anyone hasn't seen it. It was clearly a late stoppage.
  5. That was beyond late tbh, I'm all for letting them brawl but he couldn't even defend himself. He was just flinging his arms about.
  6. Yeah, it was a brutal fight. While some might be disapointed in the refs late calling, I actually, from a fan point of view, enjoyed watching the beatdown... I do feel sorry for the guy though.
  7. It's horrible for the sport. It gives the people who paint it as human cockfighting a leg to stand on. It should never, ever, ever, ever happen. That ref should be fired.
  8. WTF. Why isn't that ref fired? That's grim.
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