UFC: The Sonnen Promo.

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  1. I heard he had a good promo after his match, which I didn't see, can anyone share it?
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ypcZjPFRvWA#!

    From 1:40

  3. I fucking love that guy. Omg, that was incredible.
  4. Fantastic promo cocky but mesmerising an didnt make me think knob head deserved arrogance!
  5. Brings a bit of WWE into the UFC. I like.
  6. He was supposed to of had CM Punk by his side but Vince pulled the plug on it for some unknown reason
  7. I think Punk said he pulled himself out as he didn't want to take the spotlight away from Sonnen.
  8. http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2012/1/14/2707484/chael-sonnen-wwe-cm-punk-ufc-no-longer-walking-out-fox-chicago

  9. In an actual interview, not radio or anything, you see him speaking; he says that he pulled himself out as it was in Chicago and he didn't want the spotlight off Sonnen. Probably covering for Vince to be honest. Though I wouldn't see why Vince wouldn't want him there, it gives WWE some attention.
  10. By allowing a WWE wrestler on UFC television Vince would be acknowledging there is life outside of his little bubble. The WWE universe seems to be the be all and end all for Vince.
  11. sonnen isnt a real fighter jus a actor lolz
  12. Lol he's still pretty decent, has a good record. His promo's are probably drawing a lot of buys. I imagine his fight with Silva is going to be huge.
  13. :facepalm: Can we get the troll emoticon back @[Crayo]
  14. @[Xanth] has it! Will get it back :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Yup. As far as Punk saying whatever he said, he was most definitely covering Vince's ass

    You are either a moron or a bad troll. He's obviously a real fighter, even though I find his fights boring because he is basically a one dimensional wrestler with no stand up or ground game
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