UFC tonight

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheArabHammer, Nov 16, 2013.

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  1. Holy shit two fights in and it's pretty good
  2. Make that three
  3. I can't believe that....UFC is as scripted as wwe
  4. WHAAAA? Has The Hoff seriously been livin' uneder a freakin' rock? Don't hassle me, is it really? Or is The Hoff gonna look stupid, soo STUPID for asking this? :meh:
  5. It was close as shit, those few take-downs at the end helped GSP win though.
  6. Unified rules are terrible, Johny took him apart for rounds 1,2 & 4 IMO at it wasn't even that close. Even the pro GSP crowd was pissed when it was read which says a bit. George was rocked in two of those rounds and those elbows from the top were very telling to give the edge to Johny for the first plus he even had top control for the majority which is apparently rated highly, I'm a GSP fan boy but jeezus that looked to be a bad call on first watching.
  7. Although Robbie punching Rory made me smile, mainly because of that fucking hideous suit he had on in the presser.
  8. Seriously as much as I wanted GSP to win, he got beat and bc he didn't want to admit defeat he retired. He should have handed the belt to Hendricks and said thanks
  9. I doubt he retires. Give him a year tops IMO,still can't understand how Gsp takes the first with Johny not taking the third the rounds were very similar IMO just reversed.
  10. After that first take down I had Hendricks taking rounds 1,2, and 4 easy 3 was GSP and 5 was close but slightly went to Hendricks
  11. The way I saw it was
    1,2,4 - JH with GSP picking up 3&5, Johny seemed to really slow in those rounds. If you give round 1 to GSP you have to give Johny round 3 IMO, they both involved a fighter being picked off on the feet before the other secured a takedown the inconsistency is the most annoying thing for me.
  12. fuck GSP
  13. INB4 GSP pulls a CM Punk and returns once UFC crowns a new champ. Champ vs Champ #BookItDana
  14. Feel like a beast for missing this card due to a social outing. look at your boy now patna, popular af
  15. [​IMG]

    Diaz vs Johny for the interim belt?
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  16. What on god's green Earth has Nick done to earn a title shot? Lost a close decision to Condit, pouts/quits. Looks like ass against GSP, again quits. fuck him at this point.
  17. I'd mark

    fuck up dolph
  18. sorry dude Diaz was my nigga before you could spell MMA, but I'm tired of his shit.

    edit: I mean if he can get ANOTHER title shot by crying and leaving then more power to him. I won't really give a shit at this point though
  19. Same thing he did last time, retire :diaz1:. JH vs Diaz would be great IMO at least for the first 2/3.
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