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  1. I haven't got an idea if this got posted but w/e

  2. Is it still redirecting to this : http://ugnazi.com/ ? I'm in the UK so I can't see the US site.
  3. Yeah its so freakin funny lmao.
  4. :rofl: Have you seen the amount of views that sites got?
  5. Yeah, 4.5k lmao They should of put adsense on it lmfao
  6. Why was it hacked rofl?
  7. It redirected to that site I posted @[Crayo] . It's pretty funny.
  8. I'm glad he used the "Anonymous" song on that site, I listened to that ages back, pretty good. What's the purpose though lol?
  9. They got tired of people saying WWE was fake and that ufc is the way to go.

    Just a guess.
  10. That's heroic if true :emoji_wink:
  11. How do you take down such a big site like that and get away with it? lmao must of been Anon.
  12. No way it was Anon.

    Btw every site is vulnerable, even this forum.

    Edit: UFC was supporting SOPA but I doubt Anon would direct the website to this shit page.
  13. I've just looked at the twitter that was on the site he's a wrestling fan. C'mon guys admit it which one of you was it :emoji_wink: ?
  14. Didn't know UFC supported SOPA. And no, it wasn't Anon.

    I done the exact same thing as soon as I saw it yesterday and tweeted him. I'm a predator.