UFOs vs God

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by CM Punk, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. Just want to get this out of the way first, I did not write any of this. Thought it would be a good debate topic, so lets discuss.

  2. I can't rule out "Aliens" but I feel very confident ruling out "god" lol
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  3. I always ask believers in God about UFOs and what they think.. they usually answer that they don't believe in them.

    The next thing I say is.. So you believe that your God is limitless in his power and he created the universe, yet you believe that he only populated one planet? Does that not put a limit on him?

    I believe in God, that's my personal choice of course, because I believe in him I do not limit what he can do. He created other planets so there are most likely other civilizations out there somewhere and they could have more advanced technology than we do. There is a definite possibility they could and have visited us on numerous occasions.

    So do I believe in the possibility of UFOs and aliens? Yes, most definitely.
  4. A lot of people equate the idea of religion towards actual aliens. There are a ton of great examples of "religious" paintings and other historical situations that include UFO's. Angels could very easily be UFO's, and I personally believe it is just ridiculous to think we are alone in this infinite existence.
  5. UFOs carrying alien life is far more likely than the presence of an actual god.
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  6. I'm really skeptical of ufos visiting earth, but shit, aliens? After reading a little degrasse tyson I would have to be pretty egocentric to think we are alone in the universe
  7. I would believe in aliens first before God. I just can't really imagine that in this huge universe, we are by ourselves. That seems rather odd.
  8. Some people put more stock into the existence of aliens than the existence of a "God" because the idea of deities, souls, spirits and the afterlife invokes belief in the supernatural and the mystical, which is usually synonymous with magic and fantasy. A lot easier to dismiss, especially given the good number of supernatural beliefs that have existed throughout the ages that we already laugh at. If aliens existed, on the other hand, they would be biological entities and the result of some kind of naturalistic cause (even if we didn't know what that cause was) like any other living species, which makes it easier to believe in the existence of, even if we don't have solid proof.

    I take it you've seen the show Ancient Aliens? Because that's basically the whole concept of it.
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  9. Yeah, it just isn't terribly well done. I have seen better youtube videos on the subject, the people involved are usually pretty off the wall...sadly. I'm not sure if it's ego or stupidity, or even ignorance, but most of the videos on it I've seen worthwhile are done by channels that are legit "wtf" style shit. It is an interesting subject, so I just keep trucking and expecting the worst while hoping for the best.
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