Uggg New Day

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 22, 2016.

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  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  3. I don't care either way.



  1. I will be the one to say it....

    No one really cares about New Day anymore because you (WWE) gave them long segments week in and out to the point where they are beyond trolls. The skit they did at FastLane was by far the worst skit I have seen in some time. Since when is it okay to have an all black group act like flamboyant gays, dancing and acting like male strippers, and it be okay? If anything, it is not only insulting to blacks but the gay community. Just saying.

    This is the kind of trash that I would expect to see on MTV #InsertMizHere. Even fans of the group were left thinking "WTF just happened?". They were funny but in large doses, they are horrific. I don't want to go in to detail about the FastLane crap they did but if you haven't seen it... Don't watch it.

    So yeah, they basically took a decently funny group and made them into a horrible bar joke told by a drunk who is slurring his words. I hope they trash and end this group after Wrestle Mania.
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  2. :gtfo:
  3. I have mixed feelings on New Days. One week they'll be funny, the next they are just annoying. I think they should focus on Xavier Woods more if they drop the tag titles. I think Woods is the most charismatic and entertaining member and he should take the belt off of Kalisto and run with it for awhile
  4. :umad:
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  5. I agree that The Cutting Edge Peep Show was an awful segment, however my answer to should The New Day break up post-WM is: No.

    I definitely see them breaking up this year, though. Just not after WM.
  6. I didn't specify right after, just some time after. I think they need to break them up before they become a huge joke. They ruin so many wrestlers and groups doing this crap.
  7. Big E needs to go back to the "5" Gimmick, Kofi should just be solo heel and as much as I like Xavier, idk what he can do outside of being in a stable
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  8. Big E needs be a serious powerhouse again
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  9. The whole booty thing is a bit odd, aside from that they're entertaining usually.
  10. The most retarded thing I've heard, all day.
  11. I don't think they should break up, WWE needs tag teams. But they don't need to be on TV cutting 30 minute 4chan inspired meme themed promos.
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  12. Yeah? Tell me more.
  13. True. I am just sick of only like one group being the head liner of the tag teams. Why do they get the most time? If you want to build a legit stables, all of them have to have some kind of air time on the mic. It can't all be one sides. I still think they need to revamp the whole dang tag division though cause it sucks.
  14. They were funny but when you give them all the time to promo and bash people and no other groups time, it just makes them become boring and annoying fast. And I know they are suposta be annoying and troll-like, but WWE is burning a hole in the ring with them now.
  15. They are heels, so them annoying you is a good thing, isn't it?
  16. Yes, normally but it is to the point where I don't even want to root against them.. I just want to change the channel. I felt the same way when Miz had his run. I would literally go do something else when he was on. Being annoying is a good thing when you want to keep watching to "hate" a wrestler but when they make you want to change the channel.. That is just bad for business.

    To be fair, I also am bored with the Wyatts and I tend to get bored fast with repetitive segments. Likely why I am one of the few who doesn't want the group together anymore.
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  17. They've probably turned face if they're going to feud with the LoN. We know how well that turned out the first time.

    But still :woods:
  18. Let's go Ziggler
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  19. I just want Big E to be a solid wrestler on his own already. They break up, I don't think Kofi will benefit from it unfortunately.
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