Ugly kane unmasked in Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. What a freak

  2. You mean you've never seen Kane un-masked with hair before?
  3. No i don't mean that, sir.

    Stay on topic and if you don't have anything good to say then fuck off this thread.
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  4. I'm confused then.
    Everyone's seen Kane before? How is he so ugly?
  5. This thread is about Kane not having his mask on in a certain point in Abu Dhabi.

    Will you shut your mouth and get on topic? He's ugly in my opinion.
  6. Someone's on their period.

    I'm asking what this thread is about and how is he ugly, how the hell is that not on topic.

    Please, save yourself the embarrassment and don't reply.
  7. Kane is a sexy beast. Let me refer you back to my previous post:
  8. Abu Dhabi is a pretty cool place.

    Apparently, by your logic, talking about Kane being unmasked is counted as off-topic, even though that's the subject.
    And calm down.
  9. Amen mother trucker.
  10. Here is my reply, dumbass think i care about embarrassment? I never get embarrassed.
  11. Son watch your mouth or you'll be out the Uploaders group quicker than you can say WWE.

    You're not a necessity. There are others. Now end it.
  12. You can't get removed from "Uploader" as long as you keep uploading WWE/Other Wrestling content.
    But this argument is useless.
    Just ignore each other I say.
  13. I am not your son and it doesn't matter to me doofus, do what you want if you're now a secret moderator.

    One thing, why do i lose my Uploader status just because of my behavior in here? What does that have to do with anything? Am i breaking the Uploader code? No I am uploading and doing what i should do as an Uploader. I am not a Moderator or Administrator so get your facts right.
  14. Most pathetic thread you've ever made.
  15. Who cares, my opinion, my freedom of speech and yes this has to do with the WWE so i can post it here.
  16. You're still supposed to set an example to the forum.

    Amen Crayo.
  17. A bit harsh, eh Crayo?
  18. Harsh? How is posting a picture of Kane and calling him a freak valuable content to this section? How can this thread NOT turn into a flame war? It's basic thuganomics, this thread is pathetic.
  19. No I am not, i am disrespected in here and no one cares what I say, my opinions are the worst thing in everyones eyes here still I am as opinionated as can be and I stick to what i say and never change it just because the owner likes it unlike the few asskissers in this community.

    Cool story, what are you going to close it just like my other threads in this section? Every thread i've made that has been closed is related to the WWE and somehow they are a reason to flame wars, you guys post your opinions on the the most dumbest thing that can be posted and why don't i get to do that?
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