Uhaa Nation - Indy star in the making?

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    That there is Uhaa Nation. Some of you might have seen him, some of you not. For those of you who haven't I'll give a simple run down. Uhaa has wrestled since 2009 and is a pretty young guy, 25 years old. Despite this he is an pretty hot prospect on the indy scene. The first thing you'll notice is his frame, he's a big, muscular guy. Like Lashley big but with a head the right size. One would expect Uhaa to mainly use power moves and he does use a certain amount. But the shocking this here is that Uhaa is also a high flyer. This dude can fly like a cruiserweight when he wants to and is also a solid technical wrestler, seemingly the perfect physical package. He also oozes of charisma and IT factor when he tours Japan with Dragon Gate (He mainly works for DGUSA, Evolve and Full Impact Pro) were he just captured his first major title (the open the twin gate championships, tag titles). He's also a fairly good speaker.

    So it's pretty easy to say that this guy sits on a whole lot of potential. The tricky part here is how to utilize it the right way to make him a star. Uhaa could possibly fill the void which has existed in the indy scene since the old batch of stars went national TV or retired. But he has to take the correct route to the top. And this will become our two main discussion topics with this thread.

    Do you think Uhaa can become a big indy star or possibly bigger?

    What route would you have him take to the top? What companies would you have him work? Would you have him stay in America or go Japan full time?
  2. A ripped guy who can fly? What's not to love, he'll get over on the holy shit moments but look credible easily due to his size. I see him as a WWE mainstay by the time he's 35 with at least 3 title reigns under his belt.
  3. Here's a match of his from Japan vs Cyber Kong.

  4. One of the best rookie big men today + charismatic = everything you need.

    Simple answer - yes! Love the guy, hopefully he's 100% now.
  5. He just won the Dragon Gate Japan tag titles so one would assume so. He even got the pin.
  6. :yes::yes: